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Posted on Thursday, May 18th, 2006 at 8:53am CDT by 870fa847

Company: Cox Communications, Topeka Kansas

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Topeka, Kansas.

Here is a copy of an email I just sent to Cox:

I just wanted to be sure that you are aware of the experience we had with Cox Communications.

Two months ago, we were preparing to move to a town house that already has cable installed as part of the rent, so we decided to switch our phone and Internet service over to cable as well. My wife, Jaime Gilbert, made the arrangements. At the end of April she went through the third-party verification process to switch our number from SBC. A day or two later, Cox called and let her know that, because the SBC service at the old address was in my name, I needed to do the third-party verification. It took Cox a couple of phone calls around the 25-27 of April before they were able to speak with her (Cox even sent a letter on April 25th or 26th, to our future address), but they did get a hold of her, she gave me the message, and I called around April 28/May 1, from my office. I went through the process and was told all was good. The next day, Jaime called Cox and verified that everything was complete and that we would be getting service. We were scheduled for hook up on May 17. We heard nothing more from Cox. On the 17th, the person who was suppose to hook us up called and told us that our appointment was cancelled because Cox never received third-party verification.

I called Cox, and ultimately spoke with Janette (sp?) a customer service supervisor. We had a very lengthy conversation during which she searched far and wide for all of the information she could. She told me that they have no record of either my verification, or Jaime's follow-up call confirming that all is good. She said that I would have to start over from scratch and that we could not get hooked up until May 30--leaving us without phone or Internet for two weeks. Janette assured us that SBC would not cancel our phone service before it was switched. I don't think that was correct, but even if it was, what good is phone service in a home where we no longer live?

I spoke with her and then Jaime spoke with her at length. We felt that, if we were going two weeks without phone or internet, Cox should discount us. She said that this was not Cox's error and they owe us nothing.

In the end, we dropped Cox's service, are staying with SBC, and had to change our phone number.

Cox's errors:

--Losing all record of at least two phone conversations with us.

--Being completely unwilling to offer any reasonable assistance or compensation for the error due to an unwillingness to admit the possibility of an error--essentially insisting that my wife and I must be liars.

--I later learned from Jaime that Janette was searching for my phone call by looking at records of incoming call numbers. If Janette had mentioned that to me, I would have given her the number I called from at work.

--Janette never presented us with any alternative options. Could we have changed our number and gotten faster service (as we did with SBC)?

--Janette was, frankly, rude. In the end, it is her over-all customer service skills that cancelled the deal. Cox screwed up big time. I have no idea how it happened, but it did. That is bad enough. But then to have to suffer a customer service supervisor telling us that there is no way she could be in error and that it is all our fault is too much.

As I said, I just want to you be aware of the error. I don't require any action. We have renewed our contract with SBC (ATT, whoever) and will stay with them.

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30ca866c, 2008-12-20, 08:45AM CST

Sounds like SBC's fault. No wonder why they had to change their name. They should have discounted you for what you went through. That Janette, frankly, probably was really professional, and your trying to pick on the wrong company, for being without service in the first place. Good luck if you ever have an issue. AT&T has bigger issues than Cox by a long shot.

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