BSNL New Line Connection: bribe

Posted on Thursday, May 18th, 2006 at 4:18am CDT by 34594593

Company: BSNL New Line Connection: bribe

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I am a resident of Devasandra, K R Puram, Bangalore 560036.

I have applied for BSNL Landline as on 06/05/2006 i.e the 6th of this months. I was asked to present the reciept two days hence and I did it in BSNL office near KR Puram bridge (behind ITI Guest house). It has bee newarly 15 days now and I have not yet recieved the telephone connection. My father contacted one Mr. Prakash, who seems to be in charge of giving new connections and it appears that this fellow is always busy. I have heard from my friends that the lineman has to be bribed nearly about Rs.600/- to get the connection quickly. Why don't you BSNL people put a board in front of your offices and have a separate counter for accepting bribes. That way the customer can totally avoid taking a BSNL connection instead of applying first and learning about the bribe later.

I don't even know whether someone will actually read this mail and do anything at all in effect. I am going to provide my details anyway

Name of applicant: Vijayendra Das K

Plan opted: NON-OYT General

Receipt no.: NLR-603888

Consumer number: 47857073


Krishna Das


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