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I purchased a Natuzzi leather sofa in July of 2003 from Indoor Furniture in Columbia, MD. The sofa was fine for about 2.5 years until one day I heard some creaking going on underneath the seat. Several days later, while I was sitting on it, more creaking and then a snap, and the whole seat fell through. On further inspection, one of the main wood support pieces underneath the seat had fractured on a rift along its length. It was clear that the piece of wood was defective. In 2.5 years, the sofa received light use - I don't have kids, I weigh 175 lbs, and I probably only sit on it 3-4 times/week. Out of a $2000 sofa, I expect more. I've gotten more out of IKEA furniture at 1/4 the price.

So I called Indoor Furniture and they referred me to Natuzzi since the store only provided warranty support for 1 year while Natuzzi supposedly covers the rest of the 10 years. First, Natuzzi wanted the product ID number, which was supposed to be affixed to the bottom of the sofa - it wasn't. It took over an hour of talking to someone on the phone and flipping the sofa over and over to determine this. I was eventually told that they could proceed without this number as long as I had photos and my receipt. After sending these later that day, I got an email reply stating that they got my materials, will review my submission and then contact me soon with how they will proceed. 2 weeks went by with nothing. I started calling and got the same response, "We're working on it." I thought, "How hard is it to look at 3 pictures and a receipt?" Finally, during the 3rd week, one of my calls was fruitful, "We're waiting on your receipt. That's the holdup." I faxed my reciept 3 weeks previous and had called 4 times since then, and they're finally telling me they don't have the receipt!!??!! Trying to remain calm, I refax it. And guess what? That's right, nothing!! I wait a few days and I call again - several times. Finally they tell me that they're waiting on the product ID number - the same one it took an hour to determine at the outset that it wasn't there!!! Aaaaargh!!! Frustration city!!! It was at this point that I knew that I was dealing with a completely incompetent customer service dept. If they were this bad at keeping track of their own customer data, it seemed probable to me that they were not going to be very good at following through on their warranty. I was right...

After several more back and forth calls between them, myself and Indoor, Natuzzi finally tells me that they will not cover their product because Indoor informed them that I bought the $2000 sofa on a good sale (to Natuzzi - a "clearance") and it was an "in-stock" item at the store (to Natuzzi - a "floor model"). It was not a floor model, it was from the warehouse - nobody sat on it there. And who cares how much I paid for it - that shouldn't affect the warranty! I repeatedly tried to explain this, but they couldn't seem to grasp the concept, or more likely they realized that they had found their "out." Additionally, the bill of sale did not, in any way, state the fact that there was no warranty. But y'know, those are details - who cares what information the buyer is given, right? In my opinion, it’s a total BS excuse and a hack job implementation - something I didn't expect from a company that clearly markets itself as high-end.

So I'm not sure what's worse, that they used the fact that I bought their product on sale and a "language technicality" to not cover their defective sofa, or the fact that it took them OVER A MONTH of my repeated hounding for them to tell me this!!! I shudder to think how long it would have gone on had I not called them repeatedly to get something going. Its like they don't realize the necessity of quickness in customer service - as if its just no big deal that people are sitting around with busted Natuzzi stuff in their house for a month - let 'em wait. Let me tell you, there is nothing like having a broken sofa in your living room when company comes over...

My summary: stay away from Natuzzi. They feature inept customer service, make sub-par furniture and then will use any excuse to weasel their way out of making good on their warranty.

Tim Baier

Baltimore, MD


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fbdc70c7, 2008-03-14, 07:01PM CDT

Same thing happened to our sofa -- main support broke in the middle of the sofa (right on their advertise "extra leg support"). It happened about a year after we got it; but, since it was a floor model at a Sears outlet, we weren't even going to try to get anyone to fix it.

Meanwhile, my little Bauhaus looks as good as the day we got it and it's 4 years old.

3babd111, 2009-02-27, 11:13AM CST

We also purchased a Natuzzi couch, in part based on the supposed quality and 10 year Warranty. We purchased from "The Place" on Long Island. After about 2 years, the same support that runs along the bottom of the couch front broke. The couch is used regularly, but not abused in any way. No more than 3 people have sat in it at a time and no one over my weight of 230. Our last couch lasted over 20 years and was only replaced due to fabric wear.

We contacted The Place who was required by Natuzzi to send out an inspector. Guess what, despite the fact that the only thing wrong with the couch is this cracked wood, that because the wood is cracked, it must have been abused, and therefore, no warranty coverage. So with Natuzzi (at least through The Place), if your couch breaks, it must have been abused, and therefore, no warranty. I ask you, what good is a warranty that you can never collect on?

c1ec525d, 2009-07-25, 11:26AM CDT

I just purchased a Natuzzi sofa, chair and ottoman in Feb 2009. In June 2009 the main board on the bottom of the couch fell through as well. Now it's July and the ottoman board on the inside fell off too (yep a board is no longer nailed in place). Yes, they are willing to fix both, but I have to pay to get them to the dealer(and back) and pay $80. and hour labor, Natuzzi will pay for the parts. I am almost certain no parts are involved, they will just re-adhere the current ones. I too asked if I could just return my defective Natuzzi furniture and because it was a floor model, it was purchased "as is." I am very unhappy with Natuzzi.

Bonnie Sweeney

West Salem, WI

4b1d0e79, 2009-11-30, 01:06PM CST


Retailer notifies competition watch-dog about consumers being ripped-off

Preston furniture retailer Cresta Furniture Limited has today complained to the Office of Fair Trading that consumers are paying artificially inflated prices for Natuzzi furniture because of unlawful price fixing arrangements operated in the United Kingdom by the Italian furniture manufacturer.

The Office of Fair Trading has been provided with evidence of how Natuzzi took steps to ensure that consumers could not obtain furniture at prices lower than those set by Natuzzi, including a secret recording of a meeting of distributors in Manchester on 9 April 2008 where Natuzzi sought agreement that consumers would not be offered Natuzzi furniture at prices less that the recommended retail price less 20%.

Cresta has also brought a claim against Natuzzi for unlawful price fixing as Natuzzi has tried to stop Cresta selling its furniture at prices lower than those set by Natuzzi. At a hearing in the High Court Mr Justice Briggs remarked to Crestas legal advisors Take it as read that your materials have thus far persuaded me that it is an arguable case that they are trying to force you as a reluctant independent into a price fixing arrangement which they wish to have in place with all their UK distributors..

Cresta has distributed Natuzzi furniture for the last seventeen years. We have always sought to provide our customers with what they want high quality furniture at the best price remarked Cresta spokesman Neil Stewart `We believe in the benefits of free competition, price fixing is unlawful, Cresta will not be party to ripping off customers`

The Office of Fair Trading has the power to investigate and fine any company engaging in unlawful price fixing. Consumers who have suffered loss as a result of unlawful price fixing may seek compensation for their loss. Thousands of consumers may have paid thousands of pounds more than they needed to for the Natuzzi furniture that they have bought. We have asked the Office of Fair Trading to take immediate action to end unlawful price fixing by Natuzzi. Consumers must be protected remarked Mr.Stewart.

Natuzzi SpA is Italys largest furniture manufacturer with a turnover of 660m. Cresta is an independent retailer based in Preston, Lancashire .Natuzzi sells its furniture through Harrods, Selfridges, House Of Fraser, Barker and Stonehouse, Natuzzi owned stores and various other independent retailers.

7fdbed4b, 2010-01-11, 08:52AM CST

I purchased a sofa and chair 4 years ago, and the frame broke on mine as well (right in the middle). 5 service calls later and it is still broke to this day.

So much for a 10 year warranty.

82c2a141, 2010-02-24, 07:48PM CST

The same thing happened to us. Same break, same piece of junk furniture purchased at Carson Pirie Scott near Chicago. Funny thing, I'm an employee of the store! I was told to have it repaired at my own expense. Buyer be ware and don't buy Natuzzi.

fa50e441, 2010-11-29, 11:32AM CST

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d90560c8, 2011-01-24, 10:52AM CST

Same thing happen to us about 3 years after I bought the sofa. We made a $,2000+ investment as well. Thank you for saving me all that time that I was about to spend trying to get this sofa fix through Natuzzi warranty.

Now that I know I'm stuck with a busted sofa, I'll have to try to fix myself or take it to our local sofa doctor.

For others out there DO NOT BUY NATUZZI! If a slick rick sales rep tries to sell you one at the furniture store...slap him/her on the head.

0d9b4715, 2011-03-11, 03:15PM CST

I would have a bigger problem with the retailer who you gave your money to...isn't their job to service you after the purchase. I hate when retailers blow me off and tell me to contact the manufacturer. I expect service from the retailer and they can work out the bill with the manufacturer. Otherwise I will save some money and buy it directly from the manufacturer.

c1c10421, 2011-03-23, 04:00PM CDT

Our Natuzzi sofa has a broken support beam too! I tried to contact Sears, where we purchased it from, and at first it sounded like we were getting somewhere and they were going to send a furniture "doctor" to fix it. Then when she asked if I was at the same address and I said we had moved, she said that it was no longer under warranty! According to her, moving voids the 10 year manufacturer warranty! It isn't covered under the Sears warranty anymore because we bought it 5 years ago. But seriously, the warranty is void because we moved 2 years ago? Not cool!

Yet another way Natuzzi has gotten out of fixing their defective products!

3ff814df, 2011-06-12, 12:33AM CDT

Me too I bought a brand new Natuzzi designer couch in Las Vegas in April 2009 where I lived and it immediately started to sink in the middle cushion and squeek . Its pretty but a Natuzzi that is made that cheep . Original price was $2400 I should have kept my Lane leather sofa recliner as it was still in excellent shape 8 years after . Just thought it was time to by all new for my new life move to Vegas. HA!

af850c48, 2011-08-23, 08:49AM CDT

My husband is presently trying to repair a broken frame. This is our third Natuzzi purchase...........when will we learn???????????Supposably the cushions are never supposed to break down, not the case! Why are they considered to be the best leather furniture company? What are good leather furniture suppliers in Canada????

c2a2a780, 2011-10-03, 12:48PM CDT

Ijust purchase a sofa loveseat & chaise from Huffman Koos New York store. The padding in the seating which is foam is so soft when you sit on it it sinks in. this is not what i saw in the Huffman Koos show room and not what i wanted. I sat on the sofa and it was very firm. I need to know why this leather living room set is so cheap to what i saw in the store. I Talked to the manager he says to email natuzzi. The legs are not even in the same alignment with the other one left leg is in the front more then the right leg i am very unhappy with this purchase. The stiching along the sides has crinkles in the leather it does not look like a brand new italian sofa set very cheap. The manager now says to me that what the store has in stock is not the exact same as a custom made sofa. the salesman wayne said i will get the exact same sofa set to what i saw in the store this sofa set looks like it came from an upholstery store not a factory. The store salesman said Natuzzi is a good quality sofa thats what i though i was getting not so. I would advised any one who wants to purchase a natuzzi Editions sofa set not to The quality is very poor to much money for the poor quality that they claim is very high end. So in other words they are now saying to me after they took my money i should have brough what i saw in the store not a custom made sofa.

454ab928, 2015-02-16, 01:56PM CST


Jeanne H., 2015-03-08, 09:09PM CDT

I bought a Nantuzzi sectional in 8/12. The electric recliner has broken 4 times. I purchased from The Place. Anybody have any info on how to get this fixed once and for all. Very aggravating to spend $6000.00 and be sold inferior furniture.

Karen H., 2015-05-10, 06:52PM CDT

We just purchased a Natuzzi Loveseat and couch on sale from Leather by Mann Kitchener and the the two end seats of the couch sink so badly you can't comfortably sit in those seats unless you have a pillow or thick blanket under you for support. Neither Natuzzi or Leather by Mann will do anything about the problem because it was discounted and a floor model which is totally wrong! This was not a used product. We have been given a name of someone who might be able to do something at a cost to us with no guarantees. My advice, DO NOT buy Natuzzi or deal with Leather by Mann in buying this manufacturer.


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