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Posted on Monday, May 15th, 2006 at 12:23pm CDT by 6ad8323b

Product: propane

Company: Amerigas

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I would like to share a complaint about Amerigas - the Propane company. For over six months now, I have had an invoice that I am questioning. It seems that this invoice is a delivery of almost 100 gallons of propane to the same place that received the same amount in a delivery less than two weeks prior. I find it hard to believe that in a week and a half, over 100 gallons of propane was used. However, if so, I will pay the invoice. The problem is that each time I have contacted the Amerigas company in Lewiston Maine, I am either treated rudely - they cut me off when I say I have a question about an invoice and tell me they will have to look up my account and call me back. It has been six months and no one has called me back, despite the fact that I have called numerous times, I have written letters, I have written complaints to the customer service website address for the home office and I have sent payment for all other invoices.

In March I was told by the office girl who answered the phone that I would have to speak to a manager (this is after no answer and no attempt to help by anyone I have spoken to thus far!). In fact, when I called, she said "Oh did you write a letter?:" I stated, yes and more than one! I was transferred to the manager's line to find that he is on vacation for a week! I left him three voice mails and not one of them inspired him to call me back! I finally called again about 3 weeks ago and he acted surprised. He stated that "He had a girl working on that and she was supposed to call me back!" Then he said "I will have her call you right back!" Well that was three weeks ago now. I filled out another complaint with the home office and received a call on Tuesday of last week. The man calling wanted to know if I wanted to pay by phone on my past due account! I stated I would be happy to IF I HAD A PAST DUE ACCOUNT!!! That really upset me and I let him know about the situation. He assured me he would contact the Lewiston office and they would contact me that day. Well that morning, Lori from the Lewiston office called (I had spoken to Lori before and she was not helpful). She acted very surprised that NOT ONE SOUL had called me back in all this time and wanted to know the problem! I felt like saying "check the file - it must be full of my letters by now!" but I told her the issue AGAIN and she asked me about specific invoices and I possess cancelled checks for the payments of those invoices. They were credited to Amerigas' accounts. She asked me to copy them back and front and fax them to her and she would take care of it right away! Well again, that was last Tuesday and I have yet to hear from them. However, on Saturday I was livid when I received a collection letter from their collection agency!!!!! I am furious. There has to be some recourse for a consumer who has excellent credit and pays their bills when an unscrupulous company like Amerigas can send your name to the collection agency to collect a debt that HAS ALREADY BEEN PAID!!! And add to that I have been calling and writing to them for over six months to remedy the one invoice that is a problem!

The rest of the issue with Amerigas is that they have repeatedly indicated on their invoices and slips that they are delivering to a "temporary tank" which they have picked up and taken back to their businessplace! They issued an invoice to us for the removal of that temporary tank on December 5 yet they indicate that they are still delivering gas to that temporary tank. Isn't there some regulatory procedure for Propane so that the company knows what tanks are in what locations!?!?!??!

I am at my wits end. I have written, called, contacted the home office, and still I can't get a single soul to assist me in this!!! Who can I turn to now for assistance - and how can I get recourse from having my credit damaged by their erroneous referal to a collection agency for invoices I HAVE PAID and I have proof I have paid!

Thanks for your help.



0def46d3, 2008-06-26, 01:21PM CDT

You are not alone! Amerigas in upstate Ny has changed personnel so often that they dont know what they are doing, or have done. The billing issues are insane! They jacked up our rate to $3.55 a gallon when we were supposedly locked in at $2.45! No explaination is ever offered. They know you need the gas and hold it over your head. The utility companies are taking advantage of consumers knowing we are not able to fight them!

7ee5efed, 2012-09-05, 09:48PM CDT

Your story is similar to mine. I have found that Amerigas is charging for propane that we never used. This is a second home and therefore Propane usage averages a gallon a month.

I found that they have been charging me for 60 to 180 gallons over the past seven years.

I purchased the property seven years ago and have never used propane so I had no idea what the usage/invoices would/should be. As of last year I "woke up" and got a report of all invoices/usage from the date of the home purchase and that is when I realized they have been playing a little game of cheat the customer.

Same situation.. constant attempts with the local office and no response, the run-around, and then just flat out won't talk to me at all.

Escatlated to Amerigas Corporate and now waiting to see what happens. Mind you the run-around, telling me they never recieved the documents I has sent them, and then just plain avoiding me has been going on now for seven months.


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