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For several years, I have used Choice Hotels for business travel, primarily to accumulate points for vacation travel. This Spring, I had an opportunity to use those points and have had a VERY unfortunate experience.

All of my business stays are in the Midwest, so when I decided to book rooms for a short spring vacation in Florida, I used BOTH the website and a telephone contact with Choice Hotels to book rooms for two nights. I explained what I wanted to do, my points were counted, the rooms were available, and the points needed were well within my total. Using the phone assistance, I reserved the rooms, and everything seemed to be completed.

When I went to the hotel, we were asked for a major credit card, and my daughter used a Discover Card for reference and to cover any additional charges. The reservations were held as requested (I never used a credit card on the website, but somehow they were guaranteed).

Well, after we returned, with the next Discover billing cycle, I received charges for the two nights lodging that totaled $500. I immediately called both the hotels and Choice Hotels. The hotels deferred to Choice, and Choice Hotel promised to review the problem. After countless emails, phone calls, and threats, I have received no compensation, even though my stays were clearly used for vacation travel, were made with online assistance, and my available points (currently) are far more than needed to cover the nights.

I use my computer daily, and usually make reservations online. You might assume, therefore, that I am as capable as most, and considerably better than many people with little contact on the internet. That I should have mistakenly made reservations...for a vacation..with phone assistance Choice Hotels..means that there system might have a few flaws.

For this to occur, Choice still has the ability, using the points accrued by my legitimate stays, to rectify the problem. This has NOT been the case, and I would recommend that anyone dealing with this organization should exercise caution every step of the way.

Jim Sayre

Palatine, IL


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