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Posted on Sunday, May 14th, 2006 at 6:12pm CDT by 6ad8323b

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Computer sales and service

Gorham Micro

Main Street

Saco ME 04072

computer purchased March 2003. Immediately upon use, this computer had issues. It was serviced via telephone and remote assistance, and then it was dropped off at the Gorham Micro several times for service.

Less than a year and a half after purchase, computer squeals and turns off. Continues to do this. I take it in to Gorham Micro FOUR times and pick it up and it is still having the same problem. I was told it needed a new hard drive. No warranty on that evidently. Hard drive is replaced. Problem persists. Continue to drop the computer at the shop and pick it up (picked it up once and there was coffee spilled all down the front of it - I don't drink coffee!).

Finally called and insisted that someone come to my office to repair the computer. Was told that the charge is 85.00 per hour and there is construction on the route to my office! I indicated there are other routes from Saco to Buxton. A man is sent out to fix my computer and finds that both the fans need to be replaced. This computer is just two years old by this point. I have everything replaced. Pay 200.00 to have it fixed, plus the other fees all along for the times I have dropped it off and they have not "been able to recreate the problem!" A couple of months later, Monitor dies. The monitor is two years old as well! Had to dig out my old Gateway monitor which is over 6 years old. Finally, less than three years after purchasing this computer, the computer fails to boot. I call Gorham Micro. I am told that he can't get to it for 4-5 days! I run a business. I tell him I need it fixed and he tells me he can't make everyone happy and next time I should buy a dell!!! Rude or what!? Had another computer tech come to look at it and the video card was gone as well as the motherboard! and the memory as well.

My complaint?! This was a lemon from day one and the rude response I received from the owner of this business Gorham Micro was totally uncalled for and poor customer service. I paid over 1300.00 for the computer with monitor and I spent another 400.00 over the 2 and a half years that it was in my office! And I still have nothing to show for it. I believe that they are using inferior or used parts to build computers and pulling the wool over consumers' eyes!!!

Thank you for the chance to warn other consumers.


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