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Posted on Friday, May 12th, 2006 at 7:48pm CDT by b4f9251c

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My Name is Barry Mayfield I had an account with US Bank. I deposited a check of 8,300.00 in my account after five working days the bank cleared 5,000.00 of it into my account. I wrote one check to withdraw that money to pay off some ones bills after doing so, THAT night they said the check they cleared wasn't any good. Now they demand I repay those funds after they released them to me. I can't I live on disabled on SSI period. I turned in a police report and one to the FBI about the After the fact bad check. I wrote the people that sent me the check with no answer. I have done everything I can with my very low funds to straighten this out. US Bank doesn't care They turned me in to a bad check credit place SECO Lieing saying I write bad checks which I don't. This caused my new Bank , Bank of America to close my accounts out. I'm now black balled from all backs because of this report. I'm now screwed, there are days my seizures are back to back the only way I had to pay my bills was on line. NOW I can't do that. This Bank US Bank should have and can easily go after who wrote me this this check and not BLACK BALL me as they have done. I wrote US Bank about this, They never bothered to even answer me. I'm very upset over this. to me this Bank has no heart for their customers period, Their fraud Dept. won't talk to me or return my calls. I need help on this, And to be able to get an account some place to pay my bills. Sincerely Barry W. Mayfield


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