GRC Proactiv Solution

Posted on Friday, May 12th, 2006 at 1:04pm CDT by 89c9cc3d

Company: GRC Proactiv Solution

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Acne Cream Company- Shipped 74.95 of their product to Vietnam and charged my credit card without procuring my mailing address or security code, and now refuses to provide me with a refund.


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a7e0da0b, 2007-10-18, 08:06AM CDT

For some reason you guys are charging me 20 dollars a month and I've never even been to your website. Please stop taking my money. I will look in my bank account records to determine how much you charged me and will expect a full refund. If this does not happen I will be forced to make a criminal complaint against you. Thanks.

6823e708, 2008-04-25, 10:39AM CDT

I have called your company to stopped

the orders and I have received another order and it was charged to my checking account. I would very much like for you

to cancel any further orders. Also please return my $25.90 you took out of my account.

b8ab1cf5, 2008-05-28, 09:14AM CDT

I am having the same problem with these guys, i bought one few months ago, and they are charging my account again, although I am pretty sure I never signed up for renewal.

bebe3068, 2008-07-11, 05:26PM CDT

I am being charged for proactive that I recieved in May 2008. It was charged to my account in May and now has been charged to my account again on July 7, 2008. Please refund my charge account, for $67.90 I really don't know why you have charged me twice. Please respond or I will be getting in contact with you again about this matter. Thank you Vanessa Thornton Reference no.24692168128000

9c1b255e, 2008-10-03, 07:53AM CDT

Same thing happen to me, how to take money back and cancel autowithrowing form my credit card. castomer service not listen and not attend phone calls

f08d994d, 2008-10-07, 01:22AM CDT

I too am getting charged for this product which I have never used, ordered or received. I am proceeding through my credit card company to try to resolve it. I don't want to phone them & reveal my address which I think they probably don't know. i will let the credit card company try to trip them up.

fdd4d603, 2008-10-23, 01:36AM CDT

How do you get a hold of them? I purchased their products once, and now, a month later, they are charging my card again foe double the amount of original purchase. These guys are villains!

cc6b2ac8, 2008-11-24, 08:09PM CST

Dear Sir/Madam:

My name is Jianti Yang. I live in 327 Michener Park/Edmonton/T6h4M5/Canada. In about this year June, I ordered a Proactive solution from you. But after I used that, I found my skin wa sallergic to it. So I cancelled your product and you have returned money to my Master card. But I don't know that why on Oct. 16, you still charged from my master card for about $27.90. Could you please tell me why?

Thank you very much.

ea896674, 2009-07-01, 05:43PM CDT

I've been getting the same.

A bunch of fucking crooks.

2689f63f, 2009-08-19, 10:29AM CDT

I've ordered this for my girlfriend and they automatically re-sent every month which i was not fully aware of.

I called and told the representative to stop sending it and she said they would.

3-4 months later...I looked at my bank account and sure enough, they hit me AGAIN! Now i must wait for it to get here and right REJECT and RETURN TO SENDER on the package and wait for them to re-emburse my account.

I'm not happy with this and companies that hide behind the fine print and leave out important details just to secure a sale should be shut down or just smeared out of existece.

5dae714f, 2009-12-28, 02:55PM CST

Yep, they are charging me for repeated shipments of a product I haven't received, nor do I want. When I called to make sure the account was canceled they couldn't even send me a confirmation letter or email. This is a scam so watch your back!

72508d57, 2010-01-05, 09:05AM CST

i also got a charge on my visa for something i didn't receive,how do they get away with this

72508d57, 2010-01-05, 09:06AM CST

i also got a charge on my visa for something i didn't receive,how do they get away with this

2553191c, 2010-07-06, 02:26PM CDT

same here, repeatedly charging me when i have cancelled months ago. i let la county consumer affairs know and will have my bank block. what other recourse do we have?!

41c550ac, 2010-08-23, 01:03PM CDT

I am having the same problem I cancelled this 4 months ago and now I have new charge.

fe322722, 2010-10-18, 06:15PM CDT

same issue..and they charged me 39 and 30 ..I have refused month ago..and they didn't send the credit back...

e08c03c1, 2011-11-28, 12:28PM CST

Their policy is very deceiving. They send you a 30 day supply then for some reason they shipped a 90 day supply then when I cancelled, I didn't realize they were still charging the rest of the 99.99 in installments. I didn't realize the difference and the promo of 29.99 is just a gotcha plan. WOW you really need to be a wiser guy when order 'crap' like this.

When you think you ARE paying for what you order, not getting something for nothing they still rip you off and deceive you. If it is really that good why not disclose ALL the info right up front...

Oh by the way, I was such a good customer that I qualified for something else. Good salesman? NOT TODAY!

b068cd98, 2012-04-03, 04:06AM CDT

Just checked my account balance and this same company is charging my for 39.95 again without my knowledge or consent. Fucking rip offs!!

05c266cb, 2012-10-06, 02:15PM CDT

AS the list above notes, you keep charging for items not received, again I was charged 63.48 for something that was never received account 800-8872824 CA please stop these charges.

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