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I can be completely sympathetic to Betty. I too have recently had horrible dealings with this company. CarX and Big Lots also use them. On May 5, 2006, after two days of being without a car, racking up a $888.00 repair bill, I deposited $1700 into my checking account to cover the expense. Later that afternoon, I went to pay my bill and was declined and given a Code 1: In most instances, this is based upon negative info on file, usually prior unpaid checks.

I assure you I have great credit and no prior unpaid checks. I have had my bank account for 10 years, with overdraft protection. I have no late or missed payments on any accounts. So, to say the least I was completely confused.

I tried for 30 minutes there and another 45mins later to call the number given to me and never got to speak to a live person.

Then, after searching for awhile I found their website and sent an email.

Two days later, Big Lots denied my check. Same company, same stupid little card, but this time a different reason given. A Code 2- Although no unpaid check info is on file, Certegy did not have sufficient info available to approve the transaction, or the transaction exceeds a pre-established limit.

What the hell? I know I have sufficient credit, so who decided I have a limit on how much money I can spend?

Finally, I received a reply from Certegy asking for more info, ie. my checking account number, license number, and date of birth.

I emailed it back, somewhat warily. I now have a reply on their reasons. Apparently the first check was denied because the funds had not been entered in the computer yet. The second denied because of the first.

In this same email, they ask me to apply for credit with them. As if !

There must be millions of people out there that don't realize they are handing all their personal information to this company and that they can deny any check if they feel like it. I can understand if a person has a history of unpaid checks, but just to be on the cautious side???

I, too, will not use a check at any company that uses their services. Who wants this kind of embarrassment or hassle when spending your own money? I'm trying to find out now what companies use it and let them know how their customers are being treated. I know Car-X and Big Lots in Florence, KY do. Now, I can add Walgreens on my list.

Beware, it can happen to you also. We need to let the business know what they are doing to their loyal customers and let all consumers be aware of the problems this company can make for you.



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92024ead, 2008-04-22, 05:57PM CDT

My wife was just today declined at walgreens. Has never happened to us in our life. I called certegy and was told, "no problems with your account..we have certain security parameters we monitor and your check fell into those parameters..." I got an apology but no further explanation. I ask to speak to someone in charge and was denied. What the security parameters are I dont know, they wouldnt explain. My wife was buying nicorette at walgreens and a book...go figure.

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