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Posted on Friday, June 9th, 2006 at 12:02pm CDT by e0a14ed9

Product: TeleCheck

Company: TRS Recovery Service

Location: 5251 Westheimer
HOUSON, TX, 77056, US

Category: Business, Finances

I recently paid for a purchase with a check at the Washington, Missouri Walmart on May 19th. A new electronic check system was being used. The following day I was not able to locate my check book and for two days I tried to find it. Not having found it after two days I contacted my bank to stop payments on the 22nd of May at 3:06 pm a full 3 days after cashing the check. The bank verified the hold on the 23rd. Not having a record of the checks written, I had to guess at what check number to begin the hold with. For regular check processing the bank called me to clear checks I knew were mine. I received a letter dated May 28th stating that check number 5314 (Vantage Credit Union) which was authorized on May 19th, was returned due to my stop payment order. No date was indicated as to when the check was electronically processed. One would think that an electronic transfer would occur within one day – not more then full days. After receiving the notice of unpaid electronic fund transfer on the 7th of May I contacted Walmart on the 8th of May and they gave me a number to call (1-800-697-9255). I am not sure if this was a Telecheck rep. or a TRS representative. I called that number and after going through all the options a recorded voice informed me that that number was not being used any more and to call 1-800-366-2425. I did and went through the same series of messages and ended up receiving the same message as before with instructions to call the same number I had just called (1-800-366-2425). Thinking maybe I had miss dialed I re-dialed and again I was directed back to the same number I had just called. I’m now thinking this dead end is there for a purpose. I then called Walmart again and they gave me another number to call which I did. There I was told it was my mistake and I would need to pay the penalty as “I should not have expected an electronic check to be cleared in a couple of days”. There was no explanation as to why an electronic transfer would take more than 3 days. No explanation as to why I was repeatedly directed to call a non functioning number. I am now writing to let you how poorly your company treats customers trying to resolve a problem by phone, how unhappy I am with this new check cashing system Walmart has adopted, and that I am requesting that the penalty be dropped. I see no reason why these issues can’t be dealt with by phone where explanations can be more clearly stated. I have enclosed copies of the NRS notice and the stop payment form verifying the dates. I am not a dead beat, I pay my bills on time, I have a strong credit rating, and I do not appreciate the tone of the notice I received. I'm fired up and now will be very motivated to take this issue back to Walmart Corp. if this can't be resolved reasonably.

Respectfully submitted,


New Haven, MO 63068


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eccbedd1, 2007-12-27, 06:00PM CST

I had the same problem with this company. I even payed the fees and am still recieving letters stating that I didn't pay.

786bf69f, 2008-03-11, 02:04AM CDT

I hope Telecheck goes the way of Enron. They have everyone by the b**ls and are complete cons. I have spent countless hours on hold with them only to be treated rudely by the responding Telecheck rep FOR NO REASON.

e3acffa8, 2008-06-04, 08:40AM CDT

These subhuman creatures tickle me with the strong arm tactics they try to use on people. I laughed at this guy who told me that I was in no position to dictate any terms on this matter and he wasn't going to go away.I told him I was busy and needed to get back to work and I would call him tomorrow. He insisted I give my debit card # and he will go away. I laughed again at him and hung up.Being rude and condescending is in no way going to get me to speak with you or anyone else who is basically calling you a POS, because you made a mistake. I think TRS needs to looked into...Never know what type of skeletons may be in there closet?!

4269c394, 2008-10-06, 05:18PM CDT

I just received two letters this weekend to my home address, one letter was in my name and one was in someone elses name. The letters were from TRS Recovery Services, INC. The one in my name indicated that I owed 100.00 (even amount) to Wal-Mart for a check I wrote on 9/22/08 and even referenced a check number. Here's the kicker... I don't write checks, I use my debt card for everything. I knew instantly something was not right.

I called my bank (my only bank). After confirming that there was no such transaction made by my bank, the bank representative was smart enough to look up TRS Recovery Services, INC. on the internet. She advised me that the company TRS Recovery Services, INC. is a fraud! There are so many sites referencing the scams made by this company. My bank representative asked me not to contact this company or to give them any information at all. She also asked me to fax her the letters that I received as Im not the first customer to call in regards to the letters. I told her I wanted to file a complaint against the company. I sent her the fax this morning.

I was really furious about the letters as they looked very real and at first I thought I was going to have to pay for something I didn't owe. In addition to that I felt for so many other people who have probably already been scammed by this company.

I immediately submitted a complaint on line to the Better Business Bureau. My complaint was assigned to someone one in Huston, TX. This is where the companys corporate offices are located.

I took all the information I had to my company the next day and shared the information with my co-workers. They were also very upset and we did some investigations of our own. If you call information and do a reverse look up, the number listed: 713-567-0499 is unpublished! If you call information and do a search for the company name, there is no such company you will get two listings in Huston TX, and both are for furniture stores.

If you call 713-567-0499 to dispute the bill, this number will refer you to other numbers which will lead you to the TeleCheck Services Company. If you call TeleCheck, they will immediately ask you for your bank account number and routing number! If you tell them you dont have it, they will ask you for your drivers license number or your SSN!!! UGH!

There is a local address listed on the back of the letter. If you look this address up and map it on the internet, the business name TRS Recover Services is not found, imagine that!

My co-worker sent an email out to our department warning them about TRS Recovery Services, which Im sure, will be forwarded and forwarded and forwarded on. Our company has thousands of employees so hopefully the word will spread like a wild fire.

Were also in the process of filing a police report and filing a complaint to the Federal Trade Commission. My co-workers and I are so upset were even discussing contacting the local press with the letters and our story.

so here's what I have to say to TRS: Back at you TRS and good luck with your future as a company.

d2dd931a, 2008-10-08, 04:14PM CDT


I received a letter from these people in the middle of September. I have a police report, bank letter and also video survallience showing that someone has checks under my name with my information on it.. and they still won't take that! These people wrote , just a hint of what in going through 3 checks to a walmart in minnesota (I LIVE IN LOUISIANA) for almost $3000.00 in 1 DAY!

now come on... look at my history.. am i stupid enough to write checks (THAT MUCH) when I know that money isn't in my account! I THINK NOT!

The cops are in the process of filing harassment charges on me. They are tired of dealing with these people.

The stores are still denying my checks due to the denial notice under my name and routing #!

I went to pick up medication today and was unable to due to this problem.

I am fed up with them.. and my lawyer is writing a letter to tell them to stop the harassment calls, letters and to end this denial on my account.

If they don't, they will have more charges pressed on them.

7a279f9d, 2008-10-15, 04:38PM CDT

My bank sent a box of my checks to someone up in Knoxville, TN. I live in Alabama...and have never lived in TN. The person who got my checks back in August has been writing them to Dollar General ever since. Every other collection agency I've delt with has been wonderful. They've taken my affadavit & police report and cleared everything up. These Telecheck/TRS people keep sending me the same letters over and over, despite the fact I've submitted necessary paperwork multiple times.

b5df3330, 2009-01-07, 03:42PM CST

someone wrote a fradulant check for $900 at a walmart from our account. I had the check denied, had to get the phone number from Denver office for the Houston office. Since all the calls are automated the phone number is 18009270599, option 1 and extention 7214. someone may pick up or you have to leave a message and yes these people are extremely rude. Good luck.

87850fb6, 2009-01-07, 03:44PM CST

houston number is 1-800-927-0599, option 1 extention 7214

180eb2dd, 2009-10-29, 08:47AM CDT

TRS Recovery Services is a complete scam company! I can not believe that no one in our government has put a stop to these practices. I am even madder now that I have seen all of the complaints on the Internet about this company. I had a check stolen from me and had to file a police report yesterday. I have been trying to call TRS all morning to tell them to hold the check and quit charging me a $50.00 returned check charge for a check I never wrote. This costs me additional money from my bank each time they send it through. It is impossible to get in contact with a real person through the various phone numbers they give out. This is ridiculous and unfortunately it seems like many of us are falling victim to them with no penalty at all to TRS for fraudulent activity. I'm sure that none of the money they take from people's accounts is ever repaid.

39963ac1, 2010-01-29, 08:47PM CST

These people are a joke. i recently purchased a home theater system at walmart and ovverdrafted my account by $20.00. i got home and hooked it up and it did not work with my television. i returned the item 2 days later and got my money back. i then tried to purchase a blue ray player instead of a home theater system and my check was declined because there was a hold on my account... now would someone like to explain to me why i would have a hold on my account from these people when i returned the item!! I bet here in a couple days im gonna check my back account and im going to have a $30.00 overdraft charge on there even though i returned the item. I think this is a bunch of crap and think someone needs to look into this company because they are screwin people over.

3786c8ed, 2010-11-18, 09:01AM CST

Well at least you received a letter. They are calling my phone every day at all times. I requested a letter to be sent to the address they have on file, and they refused. I want to get this matter resolved. I want to pay the amount owed, but they will not send me the information requested inorder to pay them. I will not give any information over the phone. I will not give them my credit card information. I have a money order to send them but they act like they only want my bank or credit card info.

1deb3ef3, 2011-09-21, 07:05PM CDT

lol...think you got it bad....they are harassing me for an item i bought off amazon...that was paid for in seconds.....there was a lag in the service...there they started writing checks on my account to them selves....even after they got the intial money.....this has now cost me 250$ for a 30% item...when i call them...they just say that amazon allows them to write checks from any account on file....

Kerry H., 2013-03-31, 06:13PM CDT

WalMart misplaced a $37 check I wrote them and asked if I would just write them another one and if the prior check ever showed up they would handle it. Six weeks later TRS hacked my account for that 37 dollars and my bank charged me an overdraft fee. Having been a paralegal for 25 years, I decided to investigate: TRS is not just a debt collection agency. WalMart pays TRS a fee of one to one and a half percent of the check amount and about 15 cents per check to guarantee the funds. As soon as your check runs through WalMart's machine their money is guaranteed by Telechek, which IS TRS. WalMart never acesses your bank account; TRS does. You think you are protecting your information by not giving TRS your account number. They already have it. WalMart gave it to them when they put your check in the machine. WalMart has no incentive to protect you from check forgeries; they get paid regardless. TRS gets a fee, of course, for guaranteeing WalMart funds. TRS gets the money from your bank account whenever they decide to access it and, as you might have noticed, your bank lets them have it. TRS doesn't give you notice. All of this is actionable under state and federal laws regarding deceptive trade practices, unfair debt collection practices, fraud and deceit, defamation, etc. LaRoque V. TRS is a federal class-action lawsuit in Maine that addresses some of these issues. Many of us qualify as class participants. I hope this information has been helpful.

Renee w., 2013-05-02, 10:02PM CDT

I wrote 8 checks to a casino for 500 dollars each. Well I didn't have the money in my account so I went to my bank the next day to make a stop payment on all 8 checks. That same day I was able to get all the money so I went back to the bank to release the stop payment. After a couple days I noticed the funds were not taken from my account. I called the bank and they said I requested the stop payment to late so the checks were returned. After talking to the bank they agreed to try to force pay the checks. Three days had past and the money was still in my account. I contacted telecheck who had the checks in collection. They told me that I could pay them over the phone with attached fees,so I agreed and paid. The next day I noticed the force pay from the bank had gone through as well as the payment I made to telecheck. It has been 10 days of calling telecheck ,sending them bank statements showing charges, they have even contacted by the bank and I still haven't even gotten an answer on when I can expect my money back. They owe me over 4000 dollars

Jim, 2015-11-02, 02:38PM CST

Trs is a Walmart owned company

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