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Posted on Friday, June 9th, 2006 at 10:39am CDT by 8293ad64

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American Kennels on Lexington Avenue, NYC. The kennel sold me a very expensive puppy at Christmas time and told me that the puppy was AKC registerable. However, the registration papers I received were for APRI. AKC is a well known kennel club and I thought I was paying for that pedigree. I called and wrote to the store but received no response and was told that AKC is not that reputable and that they sell APRI puppies also. When I told the manager that their salesperson (Dana) assured me that the puppy was AKC he said to fax him a letter. I did and received not reply and when I call they put you on hold and leave you there.

I am not happy with a store that lies to make sales of expensive puppies.


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d940b942, 2008-11-23, 11:01AM CST

The sales people in there are very rude and nasty! I came in with my maltese dog "Bella" and the sales representative there asked me if I had purchased her there, when I responded no that I had not he walked away and did not want to be bothered. Another sales woman came up to me and asked if she could help, I had asked to see a male maltese pup that they had. After I held and played with the puppy for a little while I asked her what the price was and was horrified to hear that it was 3,500!!!! In the meantime they were bragging about how small and tiny their puppies are but mine was a tiny bit bigger than the male maltese and she was 4 and a half months old at the time but the male so called "tiny" puppy was only 10 weeks! I can't believe the nerve of these people. After she took the dog away when she saw that I wasn't interested to pay that kind of money, another lady asked to see him and she said that he was 12 weeks old! Buyer BEWARE!! It'a obvious that these people would tell you anything to sell you a dog there.

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