Fredericks of Hollywood Duets Membership Scam

Posted on Friday, June 9th, 2006 at 10:58am CDT by a79adcd1

Company: Fredericks of Hollywood Duets Membership Scam

Category: Other

This is to alert all consumers that if you make an online purchase on

Fredericks of Hollywood, you are automatically enrolled in their Duets

membership program for $69.99. This program is administered by Membership

Services, an outside company that works for 80 different scamming

auto-billing plans.

You have 90 days to opt out. If you miss the charge like I did on your

credit card statement you are billed $69.99 until you opt out.

They've lost a customer forever because of this scam. I overlooked two years

of bogus charges of $140 before discovering the charge this year. Now

Membership Services *888-446-4923 claims I will no longer be automatically


Don't make the same mistake I did. Do not buy online from Fredericks or

deal with Membership Services.. There are other good options out there. SZ


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82a0aa92, 2008-01-11, 04:17PM CST

the membership is not automatically applied, you must actually click accept. Like most customers not everyone reads the fine print.

7b67ccf9, 2008-05-07, 03:35PM CDT

You will also be charged if you call in your order. I placed an order by phone, declined membership in Duets,and was still charged 79.99. Luckily I caught it on my first statement, but it will take them 2 billing cycles to credit my account. Never again will I shop Fredericks.

e5038d0e, 2008-11-10, 09:58AM CST

WRONG -- even if you actively tell them not to, Fredericks is charging you. It's a wonderful SCAM from their point of view because a husband who sees the charge on the credit card bill thinks his wife has bought something for a special occaision. The wife thinks the same of the husband. This is how they get away with continually ripping off customers. I will NEVER shop there again and I will actively discourage anyone from EVER shopping there. This behavior is clearly unethical and maybe even CRIMINAL.

Protect yourself -- AVOID FREDERICKS.

b8c34da8, 2008-11-21, 09:20AM CST

I got taken by them too.. And Man that fine print must also be camouflage.. No more of our dollars will ever go to ole Freddy again, that slick bstrd..

63e3781b, 2008-12-18, 12:39PM CST

They are a scam. They asked if we wanted to get these rewards, and when asked what the cost was, we were told nothing. But a week later they charged my card $79.99. Also, within a day or too, my credit card was being charged different amounts from several oversea's front companies. Check out Frederick's privacy policy. It says that they may give out your personal and FINANCIAL information to companies. That's just wrong. I thought Fredericks was a reputable company.

0837b04b, 2009-07-24, 08:20PM CDT

This ia a scam because I never clicked to accept any type of membership. I just ordered a product, but best believe I will not order anything else from that company. I decide when and if I want funds removed from my account.

d1ddf771, 2009-11-16, 12:26PM CST

I have been scammed too! Who did you call to figure out how many times they charged you? I bought items from them more than three years ago and I feel so duped. I would like to know who to contact. Please help.

71481aff, 2010-01-28, 05:59PM CST

This is a total SCAM to steel from the consumer. These needs to be brought forward so all consumers are aware.

1d1ed8fb, 2011-03-06, 07:18AM CST

Good morning. THANK YOU for this information. I had not ordered from Fredericks of Hollywood for more than a year.

Today, my day to pay my monthly bills, I saw this charge and thought it was music. My daughter had been ordering itunes, so I googled it and found you.

OMG! WOW! The number provided on my statement is 888-259-3826, but I will be calling the number provided here 888-446-4923


dc060a9e, 2011-08-10, 06:21PM CDT

I spent years paying down my debt/Credit cards. Then found a CC that had a zero balance was charged. Turns out I have been robbed for 6 years. Over $400 stolen because I foolishly did not triple check my statements. I order regularly from Frederick's and the yearly charge wasn't noticed. I will never buy from them ever again. I feel violated and stupid. I am going to be mailing complaints to ever address I can find. I told the "supervisor" of "membership services" that I understand that these days we have to do what we have to to get a paycheck. But next time could they just hit me and run away with my purse. I feel so stupid, I could so use the money they stole.

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