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Posted on Friday, June 9th, 2006 at 10:39pm CDT by 3d938b48

Company: American Express

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In 1992, my wife and I suffered a bankruptcy in which American Express was listed as a creditor for approximately $2,000. Since that time, the bankruptcy was removed from our credit files but American Express refuses to issue a new card to me because they took a loss in 1992. HOWEVER...they issued one to my wife 2 weeks ago, stating that she was not the responsible party when our account was active. California Community Property Law states that both spouses are equally entitled to the benefits AND the responsibilty of using a credit card, no matter who incurred the debt, or who opened the card.

American Express also opened an account 4 weeks ago for my stepfather, after an application with a bogus social security and birth date were submitted on the application...sort of a test, because we responded to a "pre-approved" application in his name. Only thing is...he's been dead over 10 years...but American Express trusts that a dead man will pay the bill. They gave him a credit limit of $10,000.

I feel a victim of discrimination by American Express, and highly recommend that anyone who deals with American Express do so very carefully. Once a credit risk, always a credit risk...even if your credit score, like mine, is well over 800.

As far as I'm concerned, American Express is below the bottom of the list. The people working for them are robots, and no one will consider extinuating circumstances...and they open accounts for dead people.



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