Posted on Thursday, June 8th, 2006 at 3:13pm CDT by 5cf7c0c3

Company: wendy's

Category: Other

I am writing about your wendy's in Las Vegas on S. Eastern and Warm Springs. Last year I went there and had a spinach salad and it was great. I stopped by there the other day to get one and I was surprised to find that the salad had a lot of reg. lettuce in there and some spinach. It was not what I wanted nor expected,nor was it any good, I ended up throwing it away. I felt like I got cheated. Is this the way your making your spinach salads now or was I being jipped? It wasn't anywhere near the wonderful spinach salad I had there last year. You need to inform people that it's not what your advertizing and warn them so they won't waste their money like I did. I'm disappointed in you,I never thought of wendy's as a place to jip their customers, but as a good place to go and eat. This one experience has changed my thoughts about you and I don't think I will eat at a wendy's again.


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