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Posted on Wednesday, June 7th, 2006 at 9:13pm CDT by 3a02e461

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Haynes Furniture in Va Beach, VA - purchase was a 5 piece entertainment center

We placed the order in March for our entertainment center. We have had nothing but problems trying to contact someone at the store and to get updates as to the whereabouts of our order. We were repeatedly put off by Haynes explaining delays with "it's on backorder"& "it's been held up in customs" and serveral "it should be in next week"....finally after physically going to the store and tracking down a sales rep we find out our entertainment center is in stock. We set the delivery date, to only be called the night before and told that one piece is on backorder and would be except a partial delivery. Of coarse what good is part of an entertainment center, so we began the arduous task of calling the store. After much delays and fustration, the missing piece that is backordered, did arrive but damaged. The manufacturer has since discontinued the entertainment center so we can't get that piece replaced. After speaking to the manager, his only advice was to except the 4 pieces or order another unit. I am so throughly disgusted with the lack of professionalism and concern that the store and employees have shown us while waiting 3 months that I requested a complete refund with interest (since they have had my money since March and I still don't have anything to show for it) and I will take my business anywhere not affiliated with Haynes. I sent the following email to thier customer service center in hopes of catching someones eye. I hope no one else ever has to go through the hell we have the last 3 months in dealing with a furniture company. Spending several thousands of dollars is stressful enough without worrying about the company that you are buying from. I believe I would have had better luck picking a online store with my eyes closed then dealing with Haynes (a local respected company....hahahahaha!). Please spare yourself the headache!

I am emailing you in regards to an order that was placed with Haynes in Virginia Beach back in March. My husband and I ordered a 5 piece entertainment center and paid cash the same day. We were told it was not in stock so it would have to be ordered. The anticipated delivery was set for the end of April. Once that time came and passed our sales rep notified us that it was still on order and had been held up in customs. He told us that it should be in stock by the end of May. Since the holiday weekend was approaching and we hadn't heard anything from Haynes in regards to a delivery, we began the arduous task in trying to contact a live person in the store. Leaving a multitude of voice mails for Jake Landers (our sales rep) and spending hours on hold trying to reach someone that had the slightest idea of what they were doing just to only find out our items where not in yet again. Not wanting to put forth the extreme effort it takes to contact someone in this store by phone, we decided to take the 40 minute drive to the store in order to get more information as to what became of our order. After not being able to locate our sales rep, a very nice and helpful sales rep named Virginia graciously pulled up our order and informed us that all the pieces had arrived the Friday before. She apologized for Jake's lack of responsibility in contacting us and proceeded to schedule our delivery. We were very relieved and ready to consider additional purchases in the store that day. Believing that the ordeal was behind us and looking forward to delivery, I received a call to confirm delivery on Thursday. Wednesday afternoon we then received another call stating that we would only be receiving part of our order. We were told that one item was still on back order, hearing this I was alarmed and began again the arduous task of calling the store. Since I do have to work for a living I could not stand by ideally waiting for someone to answer my call and would have to hang up after 15 to 20 minutes on hold. I attempted to contact someone for approximately 1 hour. After leaving work I began calling again. Finally, around 6:30 pm I reached a lovely receptionist that tried to get a manager to the phone for me. Unfortunately he was unable to take my call since he was in the warehouse. I left my number and expected to hear from him shortly. One hour later I had to start calling the store yet again. When I was finally connected his phone conveniently died. I called back and after 15 minutes was reconnected once again. The problem now would be this managers total lack of concern, regret or apology for the complete nightmare this order had become. I was then told that the piece had come in but was damaged and had since been discontinued. Therefore, I ordered a 5 piece entertainment center and could only have 4 of those pieces or his suggestion was to purchase yet a different entertainment center which I would in turn have to wait to be ordered all over again! No thank you....this experience with Haynes has completely convinced me to take my business elsewhere. If I had been shown the least bit of respect and consideration during this long drawn out ordeal perhaps I would have considered ordering a different unit. As for my current order I have requested a complete refund of my money and interest for the time in which you have enjoyed using my cash when I should have been enjoying my new entertainment center. I made this request of the manager I was connected to and was denied but however told me I could call back tomorrow and speak to the billing department manager. Seeing as it takes an act of congress to reach a person by phone I have decided to inform your corporate office of the unprofessional attitude displayed at your Virginia Beach store. I sincerely hope that you pass this email along to those in upper management to prevent someone else this same experience. Obviously this store needs your help and training. If this is standard operating practice then perhaps you shouldn't be concerned with closing the warehouse at this location but the entire store! I would appreciate a reply to this email and an explanation as to why anyone should ever spend one thin dime in any of your stores. Also just an FYI, if I haven't received my refund check with appropriate interest within the next week I will begin contacting the media (Wavy TV 10 on your side will be my first contact followed by channel 3, 13 & Fox) and the Better Business Bureau as to my experience with your company and lack of professionalism. If you would like to contact me you may do so by email or by phone.


695be994, 2009-01-12, 08:45AM CST

We went through the exact same thing. My fiance and I ordered an entire living room set, in october. 6000.00 worth of furniture. They told us that it would be ready to be delivered in 2 weeks. After 2 weeks had past we never heard back from them so I placed a call. We recieved the same response that you did. Your pieces are held up in customs. 3 weeks later we still had not heard back from them, I again called and was told that it would be in in a few days it was being trucked in from california and would be delivered in 5 days. Again 7 more days past and nothing. I finally went in to the store and found my sales rep. She looked up the purchase and it was not even on its way yet. Long story short, We had family coming in for thanksgiving and we were only able to sit on the floor. Then miraculously we recived a call telling us our furniture would be delivered the day before thanksgiving... SO happy. When the delivery men showed up, They only had an end table and the footstool that went with the chair. The coffee table, couch, love seat and chair...were all on back order until january...ha ha ha after fighting with them we were told we would recieve a credit of 500.00 dollars plus or 300.00 delivery fee back. Guess what we never saw that and after 6 months I was tired of fighting and just gave up. We finally recieved our furniture in January, never recieved the 800.00 in credits that they promised, and oh yeah 2 pieces were damaged upon delivery and we had to wait an additional 3 months for them to replace them.. I will make my own furnture before shopping there again. At least it would be done before waiting on there delivery system

162683c5, 2010-09-14, 11:15AM CDT

I have just begun to look at all of the complaints that a mega store like Haynes has received. My mother a senior citizen brought a 2 piece set from Haynes in 2006 and when the delivery guys came to deliver she heard a crack when the men placed the sofa on the floor but instead of them being honest they were decietful and acted as if nothing occured. Unbeknown to my mom the wood in the back was damaged which we didn't find out until December when my 11 year old daughter went to sit down we heard a loud crack and saw in the front of the sofa where there was no support was sinking to the floor. My brother and I went to the Haynes location in Virgina Beachand spoke to a sales representative whom passed the buck and said we need to speak to customer service because that model was now discontinued. It was only 9 months later and since it was the holiday I called after the New Year and again only got the run around and everyone was passing the buck as to who should be responsible. They indicated that the warranty period was over after only 9 months how could that be and they would send a repair guy out at the cost of us. Go figure! The wood in the back of the sofa that supports the front of the sofa is about 60 inches long and 40 inches wide and very thick. My mom is senior citizen who lives alone and had no visitor's to cause such damage. I was very disappointed in the way the matter was handled and my mom is a senior citizen living on a fixed income and can't afford to get the sofa fixed or purchase a new set. I would never recommened Haynes Furniture to anyone especially after hearing and seeing all of the complaints on the website.

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