Standard Chartered Bank - HIDDEN CHARGES!

Posted on Tuesday, June 6th, 2006 at 9:10am CDT by 2e283ed9

Company: Standard Chartered Bank - HIDDEN CHARGES!

Category: Other

I am sending this complaint as a follow up on my request to waive the

processing fee of my PRE-APPROVED CREDIT CARD! My account # is


I was not informed that there is a processing of 450Pesos when it was

offered to. Right after i made my first transaction it was only then that

somebody called to let me know i will be charged the said amount! HIDDEN

CHARGES! They made me get the card while i have 3 others from major credit

cards and told to try their lousy service! And I was eventually charged of

the processing fee! Had i known that there is such a fee i will not use the


Now they are giving me conditions to pay the balance in full or make a

balance transfer or purchase another 10,000Pesos for it to be waived! this

is unfair! i should not be charged with it and conditions should NOT come in

between to settle this issue!

I hope somebody can decide on this because this is entirely Standard

Chartered Bank's fault!

Deceiving just to get clients!

I hope this matter will be attended to ASAP.


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d17e5d49, 2008-10-20, 01:29AM CDT

Totally agreed with you so just go against them forever!

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