KSRTC Volvo package tour from Bangalore to Tirupati

Posted on Tuesday, June 6th, 2006 at 4:06am CDT by 410fcf18

Company: KSRTC Volvo package tour from Bangalore to Tirupati

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We had a terrible experience with KSRTC package tour that we had bought from KSRTC office and thought of sharing it with others so that they don't fall in the same trap. This is the mail that was sent to COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_63125# with two reminders but they did not bother to respond to us. The complaint was sent more than a month back . The email to KSRTC is reproduced below -


I am a very dissatisfied & aggrieved customer. To let you know of the whole matter:

1. I bought 2 tickets for my mother (aged 65 yrs ) & aunt (aged 55 yrs) for the 1 day package tour to Tirupati in Volvo Bus (Airavath) from KSRTC outlet at Bomanahalli on 24 th Apr. Please see ticket no. in the subject. It was Rs. 1150 per head, so total Rs. 2,300. Journey date 3rd May 2006 9:30 pm

2. The ticket clearly says Bus station as 'KEMPE GOWDA BUS STOP', on the right side in the place for P.no. it is written SGL.

3. We asked the person at the counter for the location from where the passengers need to board the bus & we were told 'KEMPE GOWDA BUS STOP'

4. Since my mother & aunt are tourists in Bangalore, we confirmed the location by calling one of the phone no.s at the back of the ticket .

5. On 3rd May (yesterday) the 2 passengers reach KG Bus stop at 9 pm, show the ticket to the ticket inspector there & were asked to wait in Platform no. 14 where the bus should come.

6. By 9:30 pm , even after repeated enquiries, when no bus arrived, they got worried & asked again.

7. The ticket inspector that time (upon looking at their ticket for the 3rd time now) says the bus will not come there (it was already 9:45 pm) & they have to 'just cross the bridge in front & go to Gandhinagar'

8. Imagine the position of two middle aged ladies running around in an unknown city at such time of the night! Anyways, they had no clue where Gandhinagar was & they kept on walking on the bridge. The inspector did not have the courtesy, at least, to guide the tourists as to where they can go for the bus & that it was not within walk able distance.

9. At around 10 pm, totally exhausted & morose, they went to the enquiry where they were given a card for SGL travels!!

10. The passengers called the SGL no. from the KG Bus stop & the answer was, they should travel to Tirupati on their own & contact them there !!

11. By 11:30 pm the 2 ladies somehow managed to reach home.

12. Today, since morning, a friend of mine ran from pillar to post at the SGL office & the KG Bus stop counter requesting for a refund or exchange ticket, but in vain!!

13. We went to the local Bomanahalli counter too, but again , no result.

Finally, I am writing to you.

I demand a full refund for the ticket. I cannot imagine a famous Govt organization like KSRTC has such work culture! How can a Tourist know what SGL means when the ticket does not have any details other than Kempe Gowda Bus Stop & when after repeated enquiry they are not directed to the correct location?

I await your early response. If I do not hear within 2 days from today, then I am sorry to inform, that I will have to move to consumer forum for this & also for the harassment that my mother & aunt had to face for the whole incident.

Thanks & Regards,

Devamita Datta


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bc081399, 2008-06-30, 01:14AM CDT

Hi Devamita,

You can definitely and for sure move to consumer forum.It will not only tesch these people a lesson but will also help others too.I had a horrible experience with the electronics manufacturing company LG as the microwave i bought was totally defective.For 10 days neither the dealer(devi international jayanagar) nor the LG service people responded inspite of my repetitive request to them.Then finally i just threatened them that i am filing a case in consumer forum and you wont believe same evening i got a brand new replacement of the equipment.so just go ahead,first right a letter to director KSRTC regarding your suffering and then right one more to tell them what you can do if they wont respond.

dbd4a418, 2009-06-13, 03:36AM CDT



I would like to advice the people who are going to Tirupathi and Tirumala. Dont ever become VICTIMS of Fraud travel agencies.

Go only by ITDC buses. KSRTC and APSRTC I heard that somewhat OK

Dont ever go by Private buses. you will end up with paying unexpected amount. They create lot of trouble. They charge extra in between the journey. They take yo to some other places and charge high amount. You might have paid only 600 for them. But you will end up paying more than 1500 or 2000 rupees sometimes. They will change you to walk a lot or catch an auto to go another location. They may stop the trip in the middle, telling that vehicle is in trouble, AC is in problem. This is from my experience. Just take this as an advice from a beloved devotee of VENKATESWARA.

Assume that you are the only one who has to be dropped to one location. They will try to get down you in some location near to their station.


c1eeacaa, 2010-12-24, 09:22AM CST

Dear Mr. Datta,

After reading your issue, i can understand the problem that the two ladies have faced, i had also been a victim of the same kind at chennai, i travelled to Tirupati.

I think you must write a mail or post a writeup to the Director/ Commissioner,

Department of Tourism, Karnataka with a copy to the Cabine Minister of Tourism, New Delhi.

Though, in this country, nobody is bothared for such ACCIDENTS.

Still, if we will not cry, who is going to listen. May be one day something enters to their BLOCKED EARS.

Naveen Gupta, Jaipur

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