Hampton Bay under cabinet Halogen lights

Posted on Tuesday, June 6th, 2006 at 11:43pm CDT by 4f4675f5

Company: Hampton Bay under cabinet Halogen lights

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I installed four Halogen lights (the hockey puck size) under my kitchen cabinets about 6 months ago. I have had to replace the light bulbs in several of the fixtures numerous times and wonder if anyone else is having this problem. I am very careful not to touch the bulb during installation with my bare hands and the light fixtures are not subject to physical shock which would break the bulb element. Is there another brand of bulb that is longer lasting that will fit the fixture??



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a6d32d7e, 2008-08-26, 09:57PM CDT

I have had the same problem with my undercoutner lights. sounds like the same ones. as of now i have not found any replacement bulbs other than the factory ones from home depot for $4.50 each. With 15 lights total, it gets very expensive to replace bulbs that might only last 1 month. good luck

7e6d7684, 2008-09-14, 10:02AM CDT

Same problem. Mine lasted about a year. All 4 lights are now dead. Hardly ever used it really. Bad product.

1abc8d7c, 2008-09-22, 01:36PM CDT

Yup. They really take advantage of you. There is no other way to get them except from home depot.

67184b2f, 2008-11-03, 12:49PM CST

I have given up replacing these bulbs. Everyone I know that has installed these fixtures has the same problem. These bulbs should last 1000 Hrs. plus. Besides the inconvenience of returning them, how about the cost of time and such. I think we are being had by Home Depot.

2fa28ee3, 2009-02-11, 12:03PM CST

These lights are very bright and give off alot of heat which is the killer. If you put these lights on a dimmer and dim them 10% they will last alot longer. The reason is the bulb is only capable of using so much power and the rest is given off as heat. The more heat you have the more power is wasted and the more stress is put on the bulb.

06986454, 2009-06-29, 08:34AM CDT

I too am disgusted at the frequency of burned out bulbs. I finally checked eBay and bought 10 for about $5 plus shipping. I think they ended up costing about $1 each. Now I have an issue with the fuses burning out in about 3 weeks on my one set and the touch pad to turn them on not working and the glass cover falling out once every other week or so. I have to say though that I have 2 sets and only have the fuse and touch pad issue on the one set. Is anyone out there have these issues? I'm going to try contacting Hampton Bay and will report back if I have any success.

bed9d2f6, 2009-06-29, 05:53PM CDT

Im changing out these bulbs once per month. I cant afford these bulbs anymore.

There is no excuse for this and Hampton Bay has NOT fixed or improved their design. Guess there is allot of money in Bulbs.

2cf60a15, 2010-07-04, 02:21PM CDT

I have tried every brand of bulb and ALWAYS have those same results. I think the fault is in the design of the lights themselves and their sensitivity to doors opening and closing on kitchen cabinets.

f445f8a4, 2011-10-29, 05:14PM CDT

This a cheap low specification system. The bulbs don't last. The fictures don't last. This system has been a night mare from the beginning. The little prongs on the halogen light bulbs are prone to malfuntion. The bulbs and the fixtures are made to such poor specs that they constantly have to be replaced. BAD DESIGN!

OzarkButterfly, 2013-01-09, 07:20PM CST

I have also had the same issue with the Hampton Bay hockey puck lights (6) installed by a licensed electrician on the underneath side of a overhead cherry wood bridge across the span of my bathroom sink during a complete bathroom gutted out & remodel. In the past 3 years I could not even give an exact bulb replacement count, but estimate 20+ new bulbs I have purchased & installed to exact manufactures instructions using a soft cloth (including additionally wearing gloves to ensure no skin contact was made to the bulb during new bulb placement and with 120V/20W markings near the base or 2 pins were facing DOWN. My building contractor purchased these 6 Hampton Bay halogen hockey puck lights at our local Home Depot and the replacement bulbs package says Hampton Bay Halogen Lamps High Quality Replacement Bulbs, Brilliant White Light! 3X Brighter. Package Item# 148 334 CLEAR - 20 WATT 120 VOLT LAMPS. For Use With 120V Undercabinet Lights. These lights are bright, but extremely throw a lot of heat from them and are of the cheapest Made In China quality! I would NOT recommend either the Hampton Bay Halogen Hockey Puck style under cabinet lights and especially the expensive, faulty, short-life replacement halogen bulbs for ANYONE to use!

War B., 2015-01-08, 10:54AM CST

These G8 120V 20W Halogen bulbs can be purchased on eBay...a ten-pack can be found shipping included for under $10. Some are rated 3000 hours..(approx. 3000 degree color temp)....if they lasted a third of that would be a bargain. The Home Depot replacements are crap. An extra tip, when just used as a soft undercabinet ambient light, I dim mine down...the lower voltage also helps extend the life of the bulbs.

Stephen J., 2015-04-30, 07:31PM CDT

They say to replace the fuse. What fuse? Where? I've taken it apart and cannot find a fuse. I'd appreciate any help.

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