The Gap (credit Card) freaks me out!!

Posted on Sunday, June 4th, 2006 at 11:12am CDT by 6228d699

Company: The Gap (credit Card) freaks me out!!

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Dear Reader,

Hi, this is my situation. The Gap disappointed me a lot.

Today, I got a bill from the Gap. This is totally wrong.

On December 2005, I made the Gap Card at a Shopping Mall called The Grove in California.

I spent $218.16.

The problem started here. The Gap never sent me a credit Card and a statement.

So, I called the Gap and heard someone tried to activate my Credit Card.

I was shocked and upset. The Gap sent my Card to a wrong address, so I corrected it.

And I told Gap that I wanted to cancel the card.

However, the Gap made me to do same thing over and over again.

On May, I started to get calls from the Gap Collecting Department. I was told to pay certain money, but a lot more than $218.16. The Gap Collecting Department told me to pay late fees and financial charges. Even though, I had corrected it MANY MANY times the Gap had a wrong address until that time. I told the Gap I cannot pay the extras.

The Gap customer service operator transferred my call to someone and the someone transferred me to some departments and so on (they were Sara Robinson, Vicky, Don?? and more). Finally, I was heard ok to pay only $218.16 and all the late fees and late charges were waived (it was Eric on May 16). So I made my payment at 16th and the check cashed out at 25th. I thought it was over.

The customer service whose name was Noreen called me to pay the money I owe to the Gap. I said I already paid, but she told me I was lying. So, I explained everything A to Z. She didn


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