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Posted on Saturday, June 3rd, 2006 at 5:52am CDT by 0fb729fd

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To Whom it may concern,

I purchased a Kenmore Fridge in July 2004. Model 596.628322 SN 10786997AJ

The relay went about three months ago not covered by warranty.When I purchased this fridge I was asked about extended warranty, to which I responded" is Sears selling junk?" Why would this be necessary? My last Sears appliances lasted a long time and had no trouble. I believed in Sears products and the lady concurred. So no extra warranty was purchased.

Today I find out the compressor is gone and I have to wait until Tuesday for repairs.

This is clearly an inconvenience and just plain unacceptable! Not to mention I asked to speak to a supervisor and was refused. The lady in Customer service hung up on me. This Major appliance is not even two years old and the compressor and the relay should last longer than that.

I called your so called customer service line again, and they are certainly not into customer service. I asked if they would let me have it fixed they said NO. Then they said OK we will give you a gift card for the price of the compressor. I said I do not want any more Sears JUNK! Conveniently the Sears repair office in the Sault was closed so they could not help me till Monday, then I had to suggest a loaner for the week-end at Sears expense. She was supposed to call me back and has not.

So then I called 1 800 214 6751 and spoke to Sandra. She was very nice to me and helpful. She did inform me that there was not a compressor available at all, that they were on back order, so chances are there would not be one available Tuesday maybe even a month as we know how back orders work. So I still am without a fridge. It is Now 6:44pm and I am still waiting for a call back I have been on the phone with Sears since 3:45pm. Mostly on hold. Sandra left me a message at 7:08pm I returned her call at 7:18.

Sandra has agreed to a loaner fridge if the Blind River Store has one. I will find out Saturday morning. I am to speak to Lina as Sandra is off today. I have done a little internet research and there are various complaints about Kenmore fridge's. All the same as mine, relay quits, compressor goes, all when the appliance is around the 2 year mark as mine has. I believe when purchasing a major appliance it is in good faith that the intent is the appliance should last. The compressor is guaranteed for ten years so Sears must believe that too. However if no replacement part is available e.g. Back ordered and no chance of replacement any time sooner than later Sears should make good to me. The Consumer Protection Act agrees with me. I spent more than 3 hours on the phone on a Friday evening, all the while with the first call the Store in Blind River was still open to provide me a loaner. This problem has been made worse and not better. I trust you will clear this matter sooner than later.


Angie Coombs

Blind River


Clearly if there is NO compressors available then this would mean more than my fridge has the same problem and Sears is well aware of this and there should be a recall and a replacement should be made.


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