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Posted on Saturday, June 3rd, 2006 at 12:25am CDT by e4cdd3d5

Company: HomeDepot/Hamptonbay ceiling fan / replacement parts

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HomeDepot In Buford GA / Hampton Bay

About 5yrs ago I bought 3 Hampton Bay ceiling fans from Home depot. Then last week one of them shorted out, the culpret was the capacitor to the fan switch. I went to HomeDepot expecting to be able to purchase a replacement capacitor, nope.... They don't sell them!!!!! They sell the Fans, Fan Switches, Light switch capacitors but no ceiling fan capacitors. I was told to try Ace Hardware, that HomeDepot no longer carries capacitors to Hampton Bay Fans. What really set me off was when I found out at Ace Hardware, that they no longer sell HAmpton Bay or their parts because Home Depot OWNS Hampton BAy!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I was eventually given a 1 877 phone # to Hampton bay by a Homedepot service line. Hampton Bay cannot send me a replacement part until I take down the entire fan and get a # from inside it, even though the part has a part # on it they need a serial # off the fan.

WHY CAN'T THEY USE THE PART # FROM THE CAPACITOR AND WHY DOESN'T HOMEDEPOT SELL REPLACEMENT PARTS TO FANS THEY MANUFACTURE AND SELL. The same goes for Chatham they are owned by HAmptonBay, whos owned by homedepot and again they don't sell replacement parts.

IN SHORT SHOP AT LOWES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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ba74a6c2, 2008-05-21, 09:40AM CDT

I did not know Hampton was owned by HomeDepot-that figures.

I am trying to find a similar part - probably the same one. That's how I got here. Did you ever get the capacitor you needed? I've been the same route and have got the same results so far. I do, however have the fan down, and the capacitor in my hand.

I went to Home Depot FIRST. Straight to the lighting/fan repair parts board and found all kinds of switches - Pull chains, -2-way, 3-way, slide switches (for reverse I guess).

BUT no capacitors and the store help didn't have a clue - he actually recomended I look at Lowes !

Anyway no luck there either.

ec236985, 2008-06-11, 02:19PM CDT

You won't do any better at Lowes. Same problem. Manufacturers use a number of different capacitors in their fans. there is over 100 different part numbers out there. I need a 2+4.5 MFD cap. There is a supplier (Gulffans) out there but he charges $25 min + 7.50 S&H. He has no e-mail or toll free phone #. Basically he is the only game in town, he knows it and I consider him a rip-off. So I buy a new fan for $49 rather then pay #32.50 for a part/

5608a52b, 2008-06-18, 01:23PM CDT

I am in the same situation. Inop. capacitor and no way to get a resonable replacement. I'll never buy hampton bay again.

7573ccc2, 2008-07-27, 05:33PM CDT

we are having the same problem. fried capacitor. What about just buying one of Hampton Bays cheapest fans and use that capacitor? Our fried fan cost almost $300. It would certainly make sense to me to do this. ?

ffc1c353, 2008-07-30, 05:46PM CDT

ok so i have been in the same situation.

my problem was the reciever, which they sold me one at home depot but of course its the wrong one. so i went back and opened a box that had the same fan in it i got the phone number for people who are the authorized dealer of hampton bay replacement stuff, they were super nice and sent the part out free of charge, they knew the exact part just by the model of the fan. hope they can help you out too.

741dcb46, 2008-07-31, 01:06PM CDT

a three wire 2 = 4.5 uf capacitor is available at Switchco at $12.95 + $8.00 ship - it is the best deal I can find.

287d408c, 2008-08-02, 01:50PM CDT

I bought a Hampton Bay fan from Home Depot also. I have had this fan for three years and every summer at this time the capasitor burns up and the fan does not work. I think that the capasitor should be available at Home Depot since they are the only ones that sell it, but once again I have to order it and wait. If they had to sit around w/out their ac and fans that don't work I bet they would carry the parts!!! Also, so much for the lifetime warranty!!

39307e7f, 2008-08-09, 09:35PM CDT

two hampton bay fans, one stopped working. the motor makes a humming noise and the blades dont turn. not impressed at all with the quality of the units. Has anyone realized that Home Depot doesnt want to service the fan or provide parts. they just want to keep selling suckers like us a new fan every two years. Great business model!

adc55ac0, 2009-02-14, 09:43PM CST

well 98% of what is sold here and bought is made in R.O.C.Country and mexico!!! I want the same as you! reliable.Untill we take back the way our great great grand parents did things this is what we have to put up with!

b5805352, 2010-05-31, 05:59AM CDT

Ihave a Hampton Bay ceiling fan upc 792145327614 vender # 11288 SN#001944A model AC-552 year 1998 The light works but the fan does not work. HELP!

25fb910c, 2010-07-09, 09:57AM CDT

add us to the list of those who bought a hampton bay fan..capacitor burnt up and cant find a replacement part!!


bfaa0e2c, 2010-08-16, 07:30PM CDT

Same problem here, only the cover for the lightbulbs broke, due to some type of issue with the "pull chain." Went to Home Depot today to get a replacement and no luck! The HD employee told me to go online, but I cannot find a website for Hampton Bay, it kept taking me to the HD website (now I know why... THEY OWN HB!!!). Well, bottom line is no luck in finding the replacement part, and I will no longer buy fans at HD!!! I wish I had seen this website first!

Kevin H., 2014-02-24, 05:14PM CST

39 years ago my folks bought a ceiling fan.. long before that were fashionable. Back then they sold a product that did a job, not look pretty. Still going as the day it was made. If you go to India or Pakistan, you will find the same thing, no glitz, but bullet proof motors tha are still running quietly after 60 years. There is actually no reason that these should not go forever.... Build it with a decent cap to begin with and no one would have these problems. Neighbor had three of four NEW ones that are dead, house I am renting has 4 of 6 that are sub par. it is really discouraging.

8733847c, 2015-06-05, 01:49PM CDT

I am also looking for a new capacitor for my Hampton Bay ceiling fan. I have 8 ceiling fans in my home and 2 in my gazebo. The ONLY one that I have had problems with in the past 18 years, is the Caswyck from Hampton Bay. I love the look of this fan, but can't deal with the yearly blow-out of parts. Last year, we replaced the capacitor and the receiver, but I called Hampton Bay directly and they sent me the parts. Apparently the lifetime guarantee covers one replacement. So, I have spent 2 days searching for replacement parts and cannot find what I think I need. I am going to have to buy a new fan and it will NOT be Hampton Bay.

55c30b9d, 2015-07-20, 11:00AM CDT

I broke an arm on my Hamton Bay ceiling fan, somebody know where I can get the parts ?



cbbcfb39, 2015-11-06, 09:56AM CST

Go to EBay and get them they are about $ 8 bucks a piece,

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