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Thank you for your belated response. Gap has reversed the negative credit reporting back to favorable. They were prompt, efficient and willing to extend proper and respectable customer service. My family and I continue to shop at the Gap and Banana Republic, you may post this letter for viewing. We are a satisfied customer and commend the service representatives that followed through to insure our Satisfaction.

Thank you

The Yrabedra family

Palmetto, Florida

To whom it may concern March 28 2006

re: acct #601859522180-8351

My family and I (2 young daughters) have been customers of the Gap for many years. We have always been a cash customer. In October of 2005 at the Brandon Mall in Florida, a Gap representative enticed us to open a credit account and we would recieve additional savings on our purchase. We agreed, it was for a small amount which I chose to pay off the next month. I called and recieved a pay-off amount from a Gap credit card specialist. I had a money order prepared and sent for the exact amount as stated by the account specialist on December 3rd 2005.

Upon application for a recent real estate investment, it appears that the Gap credit services reported my account as past due ( $3.00). It also reflects my account as closed by the credit grantor. You are welcome to view my credit. Now an R3 rating appears on my credit report.....which before doing business with the Gap was absolutely perfect, flawless. I contacted the Gap credit card services and explained the situation, the manager on duty stated: "Well, if our representative quoted the wrong amount, we cannot be responsible. It is your responsibility to review statements sent you" "There is nothing we can do for you........."Her name is JASONRI

Hmmmmm, let's see, I have a wife and 2 daughters, reflectively we have spent thousands of dollars with the Gap, Banana Republic etc. It seems that a customer service Rep, of any caliber, would respond to the buying public in a helpful, resolve oriented manner. This representative, over a $3.00 error, made by a Gap credit specialist, would just soon disregard a customer's needs, accept error, where error is earn the future and continued business of a valued customer.

Hopefully, this correspondence will fall in the hands of someone who is more concerned with the continued relationship with a valued customer. I respectfully request that Gap credit card services correct the error and remove the inaccurate and false reporting to the credit bureau.


Richard Yrabedra

cc:Florida State Attorney's office

Better business bureau

Florida Chamber of Commerce


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