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Posted on Saturday, June 10th, 2006 at 8:26pm CDT by efab2fea

Company: Purchase at local Centennial Wireless Store

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To whom it may concern:

I am not a customer of Centennial Wireless, but I am a customer of Verizon Wireless for over 9 years. My husband and I recently purchased the new RAZR cell phones from Verizon (we have the new in two program) and my husband purchased a leather cover for his phone. He didn't like the one from Verizon, so when I saw that Centennial had the Blue Razr I went into the store and purchased a new leather cover for him along with a clip for my phone on May 19, 2006. I asked the clerk that if he didn't like it would I be able to return it. He said of course. Well, I liked my clip but my husband did not like his, so the following week I tried to return the leather case. That is when it all turned sour. I paid cash for the items....total of $47.62. I thought that would not pose a problem, but they did not have any cash to give me, so I suggested they credit my ATM card, they couldn't do that, nor could they find any money in the store. They don't even have a petty cash box! My return was for only $26.49 but they could not help me. They told me that they would have to send in for a check from the corporate office to give me my money. I left the item with them and they gave me a reciept for my return. I did this May 24...so far I have phoned them 3 times, only to get the runaround. They said they have sent for my money, but it will be at least 2 or 3 weeks or more to get it. I can't imagine that a company would be able to do business with out giving someone in their store the authority to make a refund to a customer. But I DO understand that because I am NOT a Centennial Wireless customer that I don't count. I have not been able to get past the sales manager in the store. His name is Tomas Arismendez Jr. at the Riley Street store in Holland, MI 49423. I will NEVER recommend Centennial Wireless to any one that I know. In fact I will tell them NOT to use them. I don't look for this store to be in business very long as it never has any customers and I personally don't think this is a good way to conduct a business. When a person buys something for cash they should be able to get their cash back when they make the return with a sales slip. That is how every other store in this city does business.


Cindy Van Dommelen

Holland, MI 49423


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