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Posted on Thursday, June 1st, 2006 at 10:34pm CDT by 6b657a33

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On May 23, 2006 I placed an order with Sears repairs service to fix my Air Conditioner. I was given one week before they could come out to look at it. On June 1st a repair man came out and found the problem, it need coolant fluid. The man told me he did not have the proper tools to refill the coolant, someone "other" sears repair man took it out of his service van. So he would need to reschedule for the next day to come back out to fix it. He gave me a price and the amount of time need for the job. He "put" in a new request for service for the following day at 5:00pm. When that day came nobody showed up. My husband called to find out first they could not find our request for service form, then when they did the repair man scheduled it for June 8th, 2006. When I called to speak to the Customer Service Center, they were rude and extremely unhelpful. They lady basically told me she could only put me back on their schedule for the following week, even though it was their mistake. When I asked for her managers name she said " His name is Mr. Wallace, and he is going to tell you the same thing I told you". Then I asked for the Corporate Office number and she said "We don't have a corporate number to give you, there is no Corporate Office. It took me 2 hours to find Sears Chicago Office, 8 different numbers Customer Reps gave me. When I finally got a hold of someone from "Customer Service Complaint department", they told me they could not fit me in for the next day repair, and that I would just have to wait it out. Or I could try and call the Chicago Office when it opens. I am lost at words to express my disappointment in Sears as a company, and Customer Service center, and as repair company. I would not recommend them to anyone ever!!! If the Chicago Office gives me the run around as all the other service centers have I will pull my business and ask my friends and family to do the same. I have health issues that makes the heat and very hard thing to deal with, I rely on my AC to live at my home with comfort. Because of this repair problem I have been forced to leave my home everyday to escape the heat. I would not recommend their repair center, they are unable to do the job you paid for or, have the customer service center to help with your complaints. They all have the don't know don't care attitude!!!

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c6d99aef, 2009-07-29, 02:24PM CDT

I have bought a Kenmore top of the line

washer and had it fixed 4 times by sears in teh first year. Now it's over a year old and it's broke again for the second time and they just told me over the phone that it happens more than you think. He told me to sell it to someone else and buy a new one with a 3 year warrintie on it. 1-888-536-6673 The top of the line by Kenmore must be CRAP WASHERS. Call me i will tell you the whole story 636-225-5929

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