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My mother contracted for an alarm system with Monitronics. I don't know when. I don't know how. I have not found a contract; I may have thrown it out unobservantly. She took care of my father who has dementia. She suffered a stroke in November of 2004. She is unable to talk or understand appreciably. I moved her from her residence in Joliet to Island Lake, closer to where I live so that I would be able to take care of her without the inconvenience of traveling to Joliet. She has a 24 hour care taker with her. I then sold the house in Joliet, and wrote to Monitronics asking them to cancel their services. No response. They kept sending me a bill. I called again. They said that they could not discuss this with me unless I sent them a power of attorney. (I had previously sent them a power of attorney already requesting that they change the account for automatic withdrawal from one in Joliet to one in Barrington. This was before the move.)

I spoke to someone named James at extension 6350. He insisted that I get the new owner to assume the contract or find someone else to assume the contract. He also said that they would need a statement from a physician saying that my mother needed 24 care, if I could not find someone to assume the contract.

I wrote a letter complying with that request and asked for a written response. I received no response. The last time I talked to them they insisted that I get a doctor’s statement that if was necessary to move my mother from Joliet to Island Lake.

My impression is that in addition to the economic and physical burdens of taking care of my mother, I should pay them the rest of the contract for the “convenience” of not having to travel to Joliet, an hour and ten minute trip one way.

They will not respond in writing. They keep changing the conditions under which they will release my mother from her contract. They are not dealing in good faith, but rather adding more and more hoops of us to jump through.

I want you to make them respond. I intend to make as many people as possible aware of their callous response to our unfortunate situation. I also need a copy of the contract.

Please provide any suggestions as to what other remedies or assistance I may seek.

Philip L Kouchoukos, MD

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00954aa7, 2008-11-11, 01:54PM CST

I got IMMEDIATE resolution filing a complaint with the Illinois Attorney General Consumer Fraud Bureau. By all means, contact you state government that deals with consumer complaints.

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