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Dear complaints,

I need to warn future brides that they may receive undue added stress if they order from!

My wedding is June 10th and I ordered the almonds May 3rd or so. They specifically make you put in a date that you need the almonds by. I told them I needed them by May 25th and have yet to receive them. Today is June 1st!

I sent the e-mail below on May 30th and as you can see by the responses I have received they do not seem to care! I am completely without favors for nearly 200 people and they do not care!

Additionally, they already billed my credit card for $62.46 back in the beginning of May (nearly 30 days in advance!) and now their answer is - "We'll just have to cancel the order for you" sorry.

They should understand how stressful planning a wedding can be AND they have guarantees all over their website. I tried calling their phone number of 215-392-4343, but the mailbox is full. I only have a few days and now I don't know what to do for favors!

I also received the below e-mails from Karen. I think she is the only person that works there. I have been in customer service for years and have NEVER treated anyone so callously.

Thanks for listening.

Sincerely stressed to tears,


Hi Rebecca

We will cancel your order then; that is all we can do at this point,



> That is NOT okay!


> Why did you ask when I needed them.....


> Well, thank you for not so much and for the added stress.



> "" COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_49119# wrote:

> Hi Rebecca


> Your order is due to arrive on Thursday


> thanks


> Karen


>> Hello,


>> Can someone tell me where my order is?


>> Thank you,

>> Rebecca Stanley



>> Thank You for your order! Here's a copy of your order for your

>> records...

>> Order Information Order Date: Monday, May 01, 2006 at 10:48

>> AM Order Number: 2657994838396385 Customer Number: 4285

>> Event Date: June 10 2006 Need By: May 25, 2006 Billing


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