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Posted on Monday, July 31st, 2006 at 4:08pm CDT by 766ec05e

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Wirefly internet web site.

Please be advised to be very very careful in dealing with this company. Once you have ordered from them you are history. I've been hung up on, given the run around, and had my order canceled so they wouldn't have to fulfill their agreement.

Due to my lack of trust in this company, I have decided to keep what they sent me, rather than risk sending them back, and winding up with nothing. I don't trust them to send me a new order.

I ordered two Motorola V3 phones. I was told they were out of stock, but to be nice they would send me two phones to use until their stock came in. They would send my Motorola phones to me, and I was to return the phones I had on loan.

Not true. When, and if I get through to their phone number which is in India, I get nothing but the run around. The loaner phones were not loaners at all. In their mind once they sent something, my order was fulfilled.

They have no intention of sending what I ordered. I received an email from them today saying my original order had been cancelled, and I owe them nothing more.

That's another thing. They told me I would have to buy more minutes in order to get the Motorola phones free. If I didn't the phones would cost me 399.99. I increased my plan.

Today they tried to charge me 25.00 per phone to get the Motorola V3.

They also charged me for Next day air, and sent the phones they sent me via standard air.

I have purchased from the internet for several years, and this is the worst transaction I have ever had.

Be careful


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