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Posted on Friday, July 28th, 2006 at 7:37am CDT by cb39d6e1

Company: IncrediMail Icon.

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Hello Complaints Team,

At the moment, I am being bombarded with IncrediMail Icons to my home Desktop machine to install the wretched service! As soon as I boot up my Internet Connection box is brought up which, when I cancel, another box informs me that an IncrediMail icon will be placed on my Desktop for me to install later. I do not want Incredimail now or ever and it is extremely annoying to have to delete the Icon constantly every time I start up my computer. Are there any steps I can take to prevent this happening in the future? I have used a popup blocker and blocked the IncrediMail Site on my Firewall, but it still gets through. I have written to complain to the Site too, but by the reply from a certain Adiz of IcrediMail Support, he had not read my e-mail correctly stating that I did not want their product in any way, shape or form! I would be grateful for any help, please.

Margaret H Burges. ( COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_63200#)


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172fa64f, 2008-03-28, 11:37AM CDT

For over two years now I have been trying to GET RID of the incredimail icon that greets me every time I turn on my computer. PLEASE, PLEASE, what can I do to say "GOODBYE" to incredimail??

6319cc40, 2008-09-16, 08:44AM CDT

I am not interested in your product. Please cancel immediately this very bothersome system. vittorio tucci.

e084d402, 2008-11-04, 02:59AM CST


DO You know anything about using a computer? Or just as dumb as this question is!!!!!

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