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Company: Dolphin Quest

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Location: Hawaii

July 2005 I contacted Dolphin Quest to make a reservation for my daughter to participate in their Program

on the Big Island. My daughter was at the end of her life battling Cancer, she died October 20th of that

year. After untold number of calls and messages explaining my situation I finally was contacted by an

employee at DQ. I told Jason and he told me for children like Paige, DQ gave them special treatment.

When we arrived for the appointment Paige was in a group of about 7 other children. Paige had no hair

and was wearing a girls swim suit, it was more than obvious that she had Cancer. During the appointment

Paige had trouble keeping up with the group and I felt like the employees made no effort to ensure that

her experience was comparable with that of the other children. After the event I was overwhelmed by

the treatment, but did nothing to express my dissatisfaction.

When I returned home ( I took my 6 year old daughter by myself on the trip, my wife was near a nervous

breakdown and opted not to go ) I showed my wife pictures and she was infuriated over what appeared

to be a disappointment to my daughter. I contacted the local DQ manager at the site. The God's

honest truth, she told me that our experience had been mishandled. The expected treatment would have

been a 1 on 1 experience with the dolphin and Paige. She apologized profusely and offered to fly us

back to redo the experience.

A couple of days later I was contacted by a Jeff Jouett at the main DQ offices in San Diego. In a very

short amount of time he accused me of lying. He told me that I had never made DQ aware of Paige's

situation. He told me that I had not left multiple messages attempting to contact DQ for an appointment.

He told me he has viewed a DVD of the session and seen pictures and it wasn't even obvious there

was anything wrong with Paige ( remember she has no hair and has just finished a year of Chemotherapy

and is very white and thin as a rail ). I was so upset I could barely talk to this man. He told me , "the

most DQ was willing to do was to give us tickets to see the Dolphin show at Marine World in Vallejo

California. At that point I was so upset. He told me that the female manager in Hawaii had not extended

an invitation to come back at DQ's expense.

I made numerous contacts with DQ, I sent them pictures of Paige displaying her appearance showing

her obvious battle with Cancer. I received no response.

After a month or so I filed a first complaint with the Better Business Bureau in Hawaii. I received no

response from DQ. I then filed a 2nd complaint. After a number of weeks BBB forwarded a letter to

me that DQ had submitted regarding the complaint. In the meantime I had contacted Wish organizations

explaining what has happened asking them to boycott DQ and discontinue their relationships with the

Company. In DQ's response they accused me of trying to extort them and hold them for emotional

blackmail. The mentioned they had sought review of the situation from a Psychologist and that the

analysis was that I was mentally disturbed. Mr. Jouett referred to recommendation from in house

counsel that if I chose to discontinue my contact they would not continue with legal action as a result

of my slander of the Company and Corporate Officers.

All this because I complained about their service. My daughter Paige died shortly after all this transpired.

She fought Cancer for 32 months. She underwent Chemotherapy twice, each time lasting 12 months

each. For a very short period of time between the two treatments we believe she was in remission.

Those 32 months were the worst imaginable roller coaster ride through hell.


Christopher Taylor


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