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My name is Rashid Moore. I have a complaint concerning a well known and advertised mobile phone provider...T-Mobile. I purchased a phone about a month ago. We (my fiance) and I had problems from the very beginning. They signed us up for the wrong plan which we were not aware of. They gave my fiance the wrong Sim card (a chip that allows the phone to work). We found out about the card from the sales associate that we purchased the phone from. We were asked to return the phone and she was given a new card. My fiance Joyce called to add Free Mobile to Mobile and discovered that we were signed up for the wrong plan.

She was told they would correct the bill and it was never done to this date. She then received a text message stating they hoped her replacement phone met her needs. She called T-Mobile Customer Service because she did not order a replacement phone! She spoke with this young lady representing T-Mobile who refused to cooperate with her. Joyce then asked for her supervisor and/or Manager. The person in charge that evening refused to get on the phone to address this matter.

She was told that someone had ordered 1 (one) Razor phone using his name and social security number. The phone was shipped to an address that was not on my account. The more she argued and insisted that we did not order the phone, the more she became irate and uncooperative. She was told that someone would call her back from their fraud department. To this day, 2 later, no one has called us back. We called the police department in our town and filed an Identity Theft report..

We have not gotten any support from T-Mobile whatsoever! We did some investigating on our own and found out where the phone was delivered and who signed for it. We obtained the records needed from UPS online, which I feel T-Mobile should have done. We also found out that the person who signed for it is an employee for T-Mobile. It was sent to a wireless store not affiliated with T-Mobile. I need to know what I can do about filing a complaint against the employee and the wireless company. No one is willing to help us solve this problem

We thought you might be able to help or send us in the right direction. They also mentioned, they are going to charge us for the phone that was ordered (not by us). We would like Howard (from WB11) to get in touch with us and help!!!!! I am having a hard time finding a way to get in touch with him or the TV station. Please respond to this email address or call: (973) 687-9346.


Rashid Moore and Joyce Healey

P. S. I am using a friends computer for all my email right now.


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