Hyundai, Sonata

Posted on Tuesday, July 25th, 2006 at 9:02pm CDT by 7ef7bede

Company: Hyundai, Sonata

Category: Other

Dealership: Ganley Westside Imports, Inc

Location: 25600 Lorain Road

North Olmsted, Ohio 44070

(440) 734-2000

(800) 433-2000

Recently, my wife and I went to Ganley westside Imports, Inc to purchase a brand new vehicle. To ensure the vehicles advertisted in the newpaper was accurate, current and available, I called ahead and was informed the vehicles was available and as a patron I was welcome. But, when I arrived at the dealership the salesperson realized my wife and I was black and all bets were off. He did not ask our names, he did not shake our hands, he did not introduce myself, he did not give us a card, he did not offer us a drink of water, he did not show us any cars, he did not stand outside with us to view the cars.

when my wife and I asked about the car being advertised in the paper her told us, he sold all the car at that price the prior day. when we asked if he could possibly get us another one and he stated no!!!!!!!!!!!

We attempted to ask about a new car still on the lot and he refused to discuss it with us. It was a very hot and humid day and he stood in the inside of the showroom while my wife and I stayed outside and viewed the cars.

We realized he did not like Black people, and did not want to sale us a car therefore, we decided to leave.

He did not invite us back,and he did not allow us to re-enter the showroom to return to our car which was parked in the lot on the opposite side form where he took us to view cars..

I currently own to Hyundai



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