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Posted on Tuesday, July 25th, 2006 at 2:26pm CDT by a1ffc845

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I would like to complain about Hampton Bay, a wholly owned brand name sold be Home Depot who makes ceiling fans. The Hampton Bay boxes clearly state Lifetime Warranty but it is only after you the box open that you find the Lifetime Limited Warranty. First they ask require a copy of your receipt. Since Home Depot is the only one to sell these fans there is no risk that I bought the fans from someone else.

My fans rusted and then stopped working. These were indoor/outdoor fans and despite keeping the fans in an enclosed porch, they rusted. Looking that the warranty that you cannot read until you open the box, the warranty says because of varying conditions within the US the warranty does not cover any rusting or corroding. Horse manure.

The fans stopped turning. There is no phone number to telephone in their instruction book or warranty page. Three years ago Home Depot changed their policy and now no longer takes the fans back; When I bought the fans the policy was that Home Depot would just take defective fans back and give you a new one. Now they have changed the rules. You have to call Hampton Bay, which is a Home Depot corporate number at 877 527 0313 and then they transfer you to Ceiling Fan USA. Their direct number is 877 898 1881 and they have no incentive to help you. They want you to return the fans to Home Depot where you bought it. They acknowledge that Home Depot changed the policy and say if you want they will send you parts. They only send out switches and capacitors.

Sears has a brand of tools that you just bring back and someone hands you a replacement. Home Depot’s Lifetime Warranty’s are marketing tools rather than a commitment to back their product.


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64387a70, 2008-10-09, 12:58PM CDT

Let me explain how the warranty process work.

The fans sold at Home Depot and Expo Design under the "HAMPTON BAY" and "WORLD OF IMPORTS" (Expo Only) are NOT manufacture by the Home Depot, They are supplied by different manufacturers Therefore the warranty is thru the actual manufacturers NOT The Home Depot.

These manufacturers have made a commitment to The Home Depot that they will honor the warranties for the established period of time.

The LIMITED Lifetime warranty is a warranty that ONLY COVERS THE MOTOR of the fan from the period of purchase and first intallation until the dead of the original purchaser. This mean that if you purchase a fan today and you died tomorrow your Lifetime warranty was

only good for 24-hours.

The motor for most ceiling fans have been manufactured to last for approximate 30,000 hours although some tend to last for 35-years under normal usage conditions. This mean indoor installation only.

Outdoor fans tend to last less maybe 5 to 15-years due to wheather condition exposure. Now, Hampton Bay's LIMITED Lifetime warranty period DOES NOT COVER HARDWARE, GLASS PIECES, MDF AND/OR PLEXIGLAS BLADES OR MOTOR HOUSINGS DAMAGE. THIS INCLUDES RUST.

Ceiling Fan USA is the American headquarters to Air Cool Industrial Co.Ltd. One of Taiwan's most sort out ODM/OEM ceiling fan manufacturers. Unfortunately, they lack any incentive to help consumers with their needs. other than sell you spare parts or create a work order for warranty work. In which YOU have to send your fan to them for the repair and they will send it back to you.

The warranty card included in the fans has been in use since 1986 with little modification to the text. It's more of a generalized card which does not provide specific details for what models/parts are and are not covered.

In the early 1990's The Home Depot use to have 3 AND 5 years warranties for their fans which allow them to offer consumers over the counter exchange. That policy was abuse by many who brought in fans claiming they were Hampton Bay for exchange.

Back then, Hampton Bay fans had very little indications that could help theier associates ID the fans as a Hampton Bay. Today, that's not longer the case, they have implemented several levels of protection.

One of them is a a "Hampton Bay Fan" badge(some models), pull chain fobs with the logo and labels on the top of the motor housing that allows the store associates to ID AND track the fan's supplier as one of their own.

b379320a, 2009-08-25, 02:31PM CDT

They told me that my fan (HT 60) is not theirs, but by King of Fans 800 749 3267.

So far; they've answered the phone and looked in their parts list and they do no have anything that matches the 'Decorative Housing' that came out of the boxed cracked and broken.

They now offered to call back in 15 minutes after the Parts Manager comes back to his desk.

Wish me luck.

5daf1542, 2009-09-01, 12:53PM CDT

I'd also like to complain about this non existant lifetime warranty motor warranty. Apparently when your fan stops working, you need to be transferred to the manufacturer of your Hampton Bay fan and they'll be happy to look up some part number and then tell you that you need to replace and PAY for that faulty part. Thanks for nothing Home Depot.

601f5473, 2009-11-26, 09:15PM CST

As with any retailer, if you feel that you are not being treated fairly by the company that sold you the product, file a case in small claims court.

This will get a response by the retailer and in most cases, they will fairly resolve the issue prior to having to be in court.

This doesn't mean you should seek remuneration that is "unfair" to the retailer.

0e8bc285, 2010-05-24, 11:40AM CDT

I bought a Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan and after only 1 year and a half, my husband and I woke up to sparks flying out of the motor. We quick turned it off and I sent it back to the company and they blamed my installer for the mishap. What a bunch of jerks. I would never buy another one from them again. This fan had made noise from the day we put it in. It was not a quiet fan, like any other we have had in the past. This definitely was a manufacturer's defect that they obviously wanted to pass the blame to someone else on, rather than take the blame themselves. They are just wrong and this company obviously STINKS!!!!

fc06252c, 2010-08-09, 08:28AM CDT

I am also in the same situation. I bought 8 hampton bay fans when I remodeled my home in 2007 from home depot. I bought them from home depot for the warranty and easy return if you have a problem. Its all untrue. Forget about anything that has livetime warranty on it, because, after you pay the shipping, you might as well just go buy another and throw out the defected one. Its a joke! From here on I will buy from a small business, that will back their product. Home Depot, Lowes they both sell non returnable junk!

b9af9e9c, 2012-03-26, 11:46AM CDT

This is slightly off the subject of fans, but I recently bought two Hampton bay wall mount security lights and was having issue with a defect on one of them so I called the help number on the instruction manual1800-562-5625 .....wow everyone at that number needs a hug and a sense of humor or some exstensive grief counseling. Talk about a bunch of sad people. If you work there and are reading this, its OK to laugh and if you hate your job........

Maria S., 2014-03-11, 12:48PM CDT

I purchased three Hampton Bay ceiling fans October 29 2013 UPC #792145356738. Reason for purchasing Hampton Bay is that I have four of them installed in my home and they have worked perfectly for many years and am extremely happy with them.

My husband installed the new fans in the spring of 2013 and a few months after installation the blades started sagging. Due to the sagging, the efficiency of the fans deteriorated, I am also concerned about their safety due to the sagging. It is too late to return the fans but due to the defect in the blades, I would like for you to send new, sturdy blades like my older fans have.


Maria K. Stanford

f78940d6, 2014-04-14, 05:47PM CDT

I just had a dust up with Home Depot/Hampton Bay. I bought two lounge chairs with matching ottomans this past fall for FL. They have been in the same sun exposure. I protected them from rain. The ottomans faded like you can't believe. They basically told me to go fly a kite. Don't buy products from Hampton Bay.

joe C., 2014-04-21, 01:17PM CDT

I bought 5 Hampton Bay fans Feb 2013 for my new house and my 52" model CF552B-MK52 UPC#718212149225 ceiling fan motor stoped working. So much for lifetime warranty Home Depot. I will report to BBB

Sandra G., 2015-04-15, 02:40PM CDT

I just called about a 16 year old fan. No longer manufactured. They are giving me a $75.00 HD gift card! Very satisfied!

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