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Posted on Sunday, January 8th, 2006 at 5:15pm CST by Anonymous

Company: Wells Fargo

Category: Business, Finances

I had made a deposit for over 30,000.00 into my checking account from Farmers insurance .They (Wells Fargo) told me that it would take 5 business days to clear .After waiting for it to clear I paid bills I was later informed that my house payment had bounced do to insufficient funds I was also informed that they used my credit card to pay the bad check which over drew my credit card but they extended my credit limit to cover the check but still charging me for the insufficient penalties from my checking account and also penalties for over drafts on my credit card. And to make matters worse they charged my credit card as a cash advance for all of this which means I would have to pay 23.9% interest ! All of this was done with out my permission. I called the bank to talk to the manager and she assured me that this was a mistake and would take care of the over drafts and get this all straightened out but told me I would have to call the credit card companies to resolve there mistake. I did so but was told it was the banks fault! Not theres and there was nothing they could do. At this point I was very upset and called the bank back telling her what the credit card companies told me. Understandably I was very unhappy about this and let her know this. She then informed me that if I didn't change my attitude she would close my bank account. I couldn't believe what had just taken place.There mistake or Scam would be a better word was going to cost me thousands yet if I dare complain they would close my account. I went down to the bank to close my account and was in line telling others what they had done to me and the manager that I had talked to had me escorted out of the bank by the police making it so I couldn't close my account. I then went to another branch to close my account . I was a Wells Fargo customer for many years I had a business line of credit in the amount of 50,000.00 which I used the whole thing and paid it off in full at 750.00 per month and a car loan for 18.000.00 again paid in full. I have talked to other bank representatives about this and they where in disbelief . Wells Fargo acquired these charges on the Wells Fargo credit card not me and I have no intention of paying them.......................... Danny Elliott 10/25/2005


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