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Posted on Friday, January 6th, 2006 at 11:56pm CST by b9a79e3d

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Hello Authorities BSNL WEST UP....Greater Noida and CGM UPWEST,

I have applied for a new connection at Noida Godavari office.

The commercial officer is saying that orders are thru since 2 months.

Now when I contacted the Line man he is saying that the pair is not empty but he wants to meet me. He claims that he can arrange for a pair for me by some means....

Line men are Mr Mishra and Anil. Telephone no is 0120 2055141

The story started as I called ( almost after 2months after application) the commercial officer BSNL at Godavari complex and Mr. Verma picked the phone. (SO far he is most gentle and seems honor to his approaches.) He gave me the no of TTA delta sector in greater noida. The no is 0120 2326466. Also he gave me the no of DE Mr. S S Sharma 9412000712. I called up Mr. SSS and find that this nos is now belong to Dadari DE. He gave me the no of SSSharma as WLL 0120 2030044 ..which is not working from my Relience Land line of Noida.

I called up the another no of TTA Greater Noida Delta Exchange as 0120 2326466 ..Mr Ritesh picked the phone and gave me suggestion of conatcting Either Mr. Pawan Kumar Sharma who is in Hospital as he claimed or Mr. Line man named Mishra at 2055141.

I tried with these men again and again but nothig happened.

Finally I tried to utilise the web page feedback and contact us buttons.

To my surprise the CGM mail box COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_63944# is not accepting mails on dates 4,5,6th Jan 2006.

I tried to contact the suggested names from the list which also fully outdated and not a single person helped ..because he says simple : I am not the right person for this.

I wrote to the BSNL central portal with my Emails and complains ..nothing is shaked so far.

Now some one from my knwon list was saying If I could pay the 200Rs +/- to line man , my connection will be there is one day.

Shall I opt for it .

Thanks to all of us the great indians because nothing works here except the Rupiahs, THE HARE NOTTES or Hari patti.

Keep it up is not not possible to fight against this simple to complex great systems created by every one maintained by none ..still works without any problem.

R R Rana Greater Noida (NOIDA UP INDIA)


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