Teleflora's horrible customer service

Posted on Thursday, January 5th, 2006 at 2:22pm CST by d5081752

Company: Teleflora's horrible customer service

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When my friend's mom died I wanted to send something really special. Usually I would look online and call a florist directly in the city he lives in. However since I wanted something very special - a white phaelenopsis orchid - I decided to try Teleflora. After seeing just what I wanted on the website I called the Teleflora number to verify that a white phaelenopsis orchid would be available. Since that was over $100 I wanted to be sure I would get what I requested. The woman on the phone assured me if it was on the website it would be available. So I placed the order. The plant was delivered on time but instead of white it was bright purple. No at ALL what I wanted for a funeral. I emailed Teleflora to complain but was given the following reply:

Thank you for contacting Teleflora.

I have reviewed your order and found that you have agreed to our substitution policy which states:

Occasionally, floral substitutions are necessary due to temporary, regional availability issues. If this is the case with the gift you've selected, our experienced florists will ensure that the style, theme and color scheme of your arrangement is preserved and will substitute only fresh flowers of equal or higher value. If you wish to have a better understanding with regards to our substitution policy, may we advise you to please log on to

I hope I have shed some light on this matter and have proven us worthy to be of service to you in your future floral needs.

It has been a pleasure to assist you and we look forward to serving your floral needs in the future.

For further inquiries or comments please reply to this address or contact our 24-hour Customer Service hotline at 800 835 3356.

I emailed back and told them I had called to assure white was available and that the substitution policy states

our experienced florists will ensure that the style, theme and color scheme of your arrangement is preserved and will substitute only fresh flowers of equal or higher value.

and that the color scheme was not preserved. So then I received another reply pretty much telling me to suck it up and be more careful next time I ordered.

To avoid this kind of problem in your future floral needs, you may indicate in your special instructions to contact you in the event that substitutions are needed.

We regret your dissatisfaction on this order. I hope I have proven us worthy to be of service to you in your future flower needs.

I had also called Teleflora about this problem and I received a call from a woman who first told me the order had been upgraded. I saw the plant and it had 4 blooms on it and was in a little faux brass can. I said I really didn't think that was the case. Then she told me that they have a 48 hour complaint policy and that I had missed that. Guess I was supposed to call up my friend whose mom just died for a rundown on how the plant was. This is some of the most callous and poor customer service I have ever encountered. I will avoid problems in the future by avoiding Teleflora and any florist that does business with Teleflora.

Linda Tamblyn


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641f0b73, 2008-05-07, 05:03PM CDT

I had TERRIBLE customer service today with Teleflora. I wanted to send out a Mother's Day arrangement on May 6th. It never arrived. I called three times over the course of yesterday (the 6th) and today (the 7th). No one could pull up my order number and kept putting me on hold. The last woman I spoke to got RUDE with me and said "Do you want me to check the order or do you want me to cancel?" and I told her I wanted to know where the order was and it was quite clear all three women had NO idea what they were doing and just passed me off to someone else. TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. I will be cancelling my order now through VISA since I do NOT trust them to do it.

99bc963b, 2008-05-09, 03:39PM CDT

I ordered Mother's Day flowers from Teleflora only to get a completely different arrangement than ordered. They offered a 20% discount but did not forward that money to the local florist so the local florist made a cheapo arrangement instead. Calling customer service was a joke! The lady even denied that the arrangement I ordered was even available! Don't use these people - going back to Proflowers.

99bc963b, 2008-05-11, 07:53PM CDT

Have to give Kudos! I posted the complaint regarding the Mothers Day bouquet but surprisingly, they had a different local florist send out the correct bouquet - even larger - the day before Mothers Day. I stand impressed!

c6084196, 2008-06-16, 02:53AM CDT

I had the same type of problem with this company! They are listed online as "Blooms Today." They did not deliver what they showed in the photo -- not even close!!! When I contacted them they said I had "agreed to a substitution" because they had called me ONLY about changing an accent flower, but said the rest would remain the same. This company does not deliver what it promises, nor does it stand behind its product.

403ecd07, 2008-11-27, 07:41AM CST

This is the second time that I ordered from Teleflora and my flowers arrangement are not delived. I send ordered a Williamburg Golden Pitcher arrangement to be deliver on 26NOV08 by 10PM the flowere were not delived. Don't waste your time ordering from this unreliable company that the only they have learn to say is "I am sorry". Give your business to a reliable company. Armando Couto

403ecd07, 2008-11-27, 08:43AM CST

On November 13, 2008 I bought a jacket at Last Chance Nordstrom at Mall of Las America in Miami, Florida. All three jacket/coat's rackets had a 35% discount that should had applied to my purchase. The saleman was the worst individual I have ever encounter at Nordstrom. Very rare to find this caliber of person at Nordstrom. He refused to applied the 35% of my purchase of $26.72. Armando Couto

db2703a3, 2010-11-17, 05:06PM CST

I ordered flowers for my anunts funeral Monday, Nov 14, 2010 and even paid extra for a 4 hour delievery. I get to the funeral home that night and no flowers. How embarassing as they were also to be from my sister and her family. I called the next morning and reached Michelle who said that they did not get a confirmation from the company that they had contracted to do the arrangement. She then asked me if I still wanted them. Since I was on the way to the funeral service I told her there was really no reason now and we would make a donation instead. She said she you cancel the order and I would get an email for the cancellation and an email for the reversal. I have not received either and it is now Wednesday night. Also, on my bank website I can see a charge for $127, plus a charge for $50 that was supposed to be a credit for a total price of $72 and there is also a charge for $9.99! My bank says I can't stop it, it has to go through before I can dispute it! What a nightmare. I will never ever use an online flower company for something so important again. They barely said they were sorry and did not offer to do anything to make up for it. This company has given a bad name to all online florists for me and I will be sure to tell many, many people who will tell others!!!

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