Non issue of passport despite a lapse of 2 years

Posted on Thursday, January 5th, 2006 at 10:13am CST by 07778446

Company: Non issue of passport despite a lapse of 2 years

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I wish to bring to the notice of higher ups concerned

in the Passport Authorities that I have not been

issued a passport nor any reasons for not issuing the

same have been advised to me despite a lapse of 2

years. Does this not deserve a recommendation in

Guinness book of world records!

The startling details of the case are:

I applied for the passport on 23-12-03 (file no

b2026025-03) Key no 6602602503 (photocopy enclosed).

The said application was forwarded to the Regional

Passport office, Hapur Chunghi, Ghaziabad-201002 after

3 months. My online queries (through Internet)

revealed that my application was allotted a new number

A-007390-04 on 24-3-04. Fed up with the inordinate

delay I sent a letter on 1st August 04 vide speed post

asking for the reasons for delay and expediting the

matter. But it is without any response till date.

When I personally approached the Ghaziabad passport

office, I was asked to submit a fresh set of

applications along with photographs again, although

there was no need for the same. On my next visit to

the passport office I was told again to submit new set

as the earlier required efforts to trace. I again did

as advised. And it was informed to me that the

application is pending for want of reports from the

police. This was also confirmed as per the online

status updated up to 2-03-05. Photocopy of the site’s

saved version is enclosed.

On my visiting the concerned Police station, link

road, Ghaziabad, I was shocked to find that my

application was never forwarded to the said Police

station. And Yet the Online status showed that “

Police report was awaited”.

Even In April 05 when I approached the passport office

at Ghaziabad, I was advised that the same would be

issued soon on receipt of the Police report.

But suddenly in May 05 the online status has been

changed to “ Please Contact the Passport PRO for

details.” Since then my various visits to the

passport office have not provided any positive result

and the passport has still not been issued to me.

My various emails have not been responded so far.

The position at the passport office is horrible. The

Durban at the gate allows persons /visitors to see the

PRO as per his whims and fancies. Many a time I have

waited for about 3 hors and when my turn came either

the PRO was not available or he had proceeded for

lunch and to return on the next day.Although the

visiting hours as displayed ont the sign board are up

to 2-30 pm.nobody is available in the office after

12-30 and people coming from far off places in

different districts have to go back empty handed and

spend unnecessary on visits . The Passport officer is

surrounded by armed sentries and is accessible to

chosen few. Even the written communications neither

are nor received by the staff concerned and no entry

is allowed in side the office

Moreover I fail to understand what far people are

asked to see the passport officer when the rules donot

prescibe it. And my various emails to let me know the

purpose of my visit and the papers/details that I am

required to bring so that I have not to come again and

again did not elicit any response.

It is strange that without any reasons my application

is being kept pending for a period of 2 years whereas

people with criminal background are able to hoodwink

the passport office and manage the passports. Should

every honest citizen approach the Supreme Court for

restoring such established fundamental rights! Or the

authorities always require a sting operation before

performing their daily duties!

Is there some NGO to help me in my case?



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