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Posted on Thursday, January 5th, 2006 at 10:04pm CST by ef89a834

Company: Allure Furniture Designs

Category: Online Shopping

I purchased an armoire online with Allure Furniture who guaranteed shipment within 24-48 hours. The company stated freight shipment was handled by Airborne/UPS, but I received a phone call from a subcontracting firm who didn't even show up the day they scheduled with me. I ended up having to chase them down and get on a different schedule for delivery. The day the driver showed up he asked me to come to the back of the truck to confirm I had actually order the dilapidated box with the item visibly coming out at the ends. Both the driver and I were surprised anyone would send a delivery item in this condition, and when he attempted to remove the item from the truck, the entire box completely fell apart. Although I paid the full shipping of this item, it was necessary for me to assist the driver with the item just to keep all the shelving components from being further damaged during the collapse of the box.

It was appalling to me that a cherry veneer item was in a box shipped to a consumer without any insulation inside the box. Rather, the item had a thin piece of plastic on it. Poor driver could hardly get the thing back on the truck when I refused acceptance and returned to sender "DAMAGED".

Over the course of the next week, I placed phone calls and emails to Allure Furniture in Pasadena, California. By the 3rd email I received a note from a lady named Heather saying they were sorry for the delivery damage and asked if I wanted a refund or replacement item. No way I wanted merchandise from them. I specifically wrote in several emails AND in my phone calls to the proverbial answering machine that handles their calls to'REFUND' my money back to my credit card. After days of no response to emails or phone calls, I gave them notice I would be filing a consumer complaint against their answering machine organization with the Federal Trade Commission.

No surprise, they still have not responded. Thus, I followed through with my promise and filed the complaint with the Federal Trade Commission and other governing authorities not only for the purpose of resolving my own issues with Allure Furniture but to document their serious business misconduct in dealing with American consumers.


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