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Posted on Wednesday, January 4th, 2006 at 6:18pm CST by dba14724

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i have been reading all the complaints filed for smart style and i am very embreassed by the way that everyone has been treated . i do have a complaint but mine it a bit differnt. you see i am a hairstylist and i worked for smart style for 1 1/2 (big mistake). i have alot of client that love me because i liston to what they want. well on christmas eve 2005 i was working . one of the girls had called in sick so it was just me a the manager working untill 12.00pm when anther girl would come in . well the manager had left to go shopping in walmart while on the clock and left me by my shelf. i started a foil color and then it started to get busy i had and hour and half wait. the manager finally came back . by this time i had my color processing i had 2 lady under the dryer with rollers and i was cutting another. she got mad that we were busy and said well i was going to go home but i have to stay now. she did 2 mens cuts and left to go home . we still had a line of people and the other girl had just gotten there. i think if she wanted to go home she should have waited untill we slowed down . so i packed all of my belongings and walked out . this happened in NEWTON IOWA. i thought that a manager would have showed repect and helped out .no one wants to work on christmas eve . thanks for reading KRISTEN PONCE ( EX SLYLIST OF SMART STYLE.)


c458eec9, 2008-11-18, 02:33PM CST

Kudos to you honey! Instead of saying thank you for working your butt off and doing her job she pisses and moans about having to work later all coz she couldn't wait until after she was off work to do her shopping or beter yet do it long before Christmas Eve..hello? I also had a Manager like that we had a huge and I mean a huge semi loaded with merchandise to unload and instead of thanking us, praising us and helping us unload he stood nearby cursing us ordering us to unload the truck faster finally I had enough I told him to unload it himself and to shove my job up his ass..I quit and so did everyone else leaving him with only his best friend who got mad and quit a few mins after everyone else left, the assistant Manager and a Girl with a broken wrist who couldn't help with the unloading..I was told it took him and his Assistant (a little old grey haired Woman) Manager 12 hours to get that truck unloaded coz the driver refused to help!! Sometimes we have to stand up for ourselves or get run over by Management!

e5620fc7, 2013-02-21, 08:52AM CST

I had my hair cut and colored at Smart Style in Richmond KY at the Walmart there. My hair is course thick and frizzy. She cut it so short that it now looks like an afro. I am white if that matters and then i wanted my hair highlighted because i have been coloring it for about 25 yrs. She refused to highlight it and instead put color over color and made it darker with fire engine red roots. My hair is dyed auburn but not dark. It looks like crap and i hate it. I will never ever go in there again to buy anything. I want my $71.00 back. I only make 10.00 hr and this was a whole days pay i had saved up to get my hair done. Now i have to let it grow back out with this crap so it will lay down. My hair WAS down to my bra line and now its up to my shoulders. The back part she cut up to my crown. She was mad when she came in because her was her day off and she took it out on me. Now it will take yrs for my hair to grow back out and in the meantime i will have to wear it up in a ponytail or twisty thing. Im so mad i could chew metal and spit out nails. PISSED CONSUMER.

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