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Posted on Wednesday, January 4th, 2006 at 8:48am CST by 28c722b8

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I have been to many Wawa stores in NJ. Occasionally I have used there ATM machine, provided by PNC bank. Wawa advertises free ATM transactions but a $2.00 fee is charged every time! This is not even a discount let alone free.


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45fdd56b, 2007-12-04, 09:04PM CST

What WaWa means is that PNC will not charge you for using their ATM located in the WaWa store. The $2.00 charge you a paying is most likely assessed to your acount by your own bank as a fee for using an "out of network" ATM. Basically, most banks charge you twice to use an "out of network" ATM - one charge from the ATM bank company and the second from your own bank.

It is very deceptive- I know, I got hit by them a few times too.

Hope this helps!

P.S. Have you noticed how dirty and unfriendly thier stores are getting? Not like it used to be.

9ae0ae2a, 2009-02-15, 06:53PM CST

I also got burnt on this. I was encouraged to use a WAWA ATM by their no transaction fees advertisement. I was very dissappointed when I saw a $2.00 charge on my account.

82c9f99f, 2011-07-17, 10:42AM CDT

We just started also getting charged 2.00 by Wawa/PNC and 3.00 by our bank. I just confirmed with my bank yesterday. So that's 5.00 a withdraw. I use to stop to get things quickly from our neighborhood store but will no longer do that. Also, my son and husband would pick up lunch....no more! Everyone check your receipt and verify with your bank. It's not free to w/draw $ from a Wawa atm.

42980a2b, 2011-12-15, 01:03PM CST

Don't feel bad about $2. I just made an atm withdrawal on my credit card. Its bad enough that the credit card company charges $10 but PNC Bank than charges another $20. What crooks! I really need the $100 that was on my card to get my daughter home for Christmas. She attends college in Vermont.

8cb55702, 2012-07-14, 02:07PM CDT

I had same problem a few weeks ago, $3 charge in New Jersey Wawa's.

Also had the same problem in Newark, DE., so its not just a NJ issue. Better check those bank statements.

They were both PNC ATM's, 2-lessons learned:

1) No longer going to wawa's

2) Using ONLY my bank's ATM machine.

c53879d0, 2013-11-02, 10:33AM CDT

I have been using Wawa ATMs for years to withdraw money from my out-of-state credit union. I was checking my credit union account online today and noticed a $2.00 charge for a Wawa (PNC) ATM withdrawal I made yesterday -- the first time I have ever been charged for a transaction at Wawa. I called the credit union and the representative said the charge was from the ATM, not the credit union. The $2.00 charge is not on my ATM receipt so now I am wondering who actually charged me for the transaction.

Crazy L., 2013-12-11, 07:52PM CST

I'm in PA and always use WAWA. I've never been charged by a fee other than by my bank for not using one of their ATMs

18220cb9, 2014-04-08, 01:57PM CDT

The charges for ATM use in Wawa is from PNC, not my bank, I checked with them and they never charge for any ATM use.

This is from my bank statement for a transaction which took place at a New jersey Wawa:

Date Activity Description Deposits Withdrawals Balance


So Wawa ATM use is not free, at least in New Jersey.

6fb8e95b, 2016-01-12, 03:57AM CST

I made a withdrawal and was charged 1.75 on my statement but was not notified when making the withdrawal at the ATM as normally would happen. I do have to check with the credit union as the amount withdrawn along with the fee was duplicated on my online statement. I hope just a glitch!

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