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Posted on Wednesday, January 4th, 2006 at 4:15pm CST by 5c51d4f7

Company: Sonic Drive In

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Opelousas, La

My boyfriend and I went to Sonic this afternoon to grab a bite to eat. We ordered our food and the person over the speaker repeated it perfectly. When the food got to our car the service was fine, but as soon as I opened my burger I noticed it had mayonnaise on it. I had specifically asked for mustard and ketchup only, which the guy on the speaker had double checked. I called the person back to come get the burger and they took it inside. They come back out not a minute later with the same hamburger with more mustard added on it to hide the mayonnaise. I noticed there were still white splotches of mayonnaise, so I called and asked someone to come outside. The girl who came out had the nerve to open up my hamburger and argue that it WAS mustard and ketchup only. I told her there was mayonnaise on it and that it was white. She angrily took it back inside. I waited for a few minutes and decided the $2.19 wasn't enough to argue over and left without my hamburger OR my money. I will NEVER eat there again.



3781ebac, 2007-12-01, 11:42PM CST

hey i am reporting that sonic in opelousas louisiana refuse service for some customers. i was at work on tonight and one of my friends came to order. and they refused her service. everytime she tried to order they would cleaer her order and go to another station. i think that, that was bad customers service. the manager kept telling the employers jennfier hawkins to refuse her service. jennifer kept cutting her off. since i been working at sonic i have seen a lot of this happen. not only to someone i know but to other people i do not know. the manager yoshonda owens is so rude, when tey mess up people order so dont like to refix it the way they supposed to be or anything. she is just a big snob. this all happen in opelousas louisiana...

746190d2, 2008-06-08, 12:25AM CDT

I sat with my child and my two nieces for over 20 minutes before re-calling and asking for a time estimate, and they told me THEY COULDN"T give me an estimate and they were short handed. I figured busy Saturday night a teenager called in,so I waited . What could I really do I had already paid by debit, and figured maybe 5 more minutes. After 50 MINUTES, I re-called and asked again for a time estimate, cause we have been waiting so long, and other customer (who had arrived and ordered after me) had gotten FOOD orders not drink orders. They told me again no estimate on time. I requested for either my food or a refund on my order. I really wanted the refund but the kids were ready to eat, and were getting unbearable. We were NOT told sorry this time , only that they were behind and would have it right out, with a matter of fact tone. At an hour and 10 minutes I got tired of waited and called the Sonic Hotline , and had time to have a 15 minute conversation with a rep. who was kind but not real helpful in the long-run of my wait, I was told they would look into it, and would call the manager, and at 1 hour 30 minutes I called again on the terminal the same person told me they couldn't take my order , and they were closing early, no wait for my reply to say I STILL was waiting on food, a minute or two after that I get COLD FOOD and half my drinks. I told the carhop , I've waited an hour and a half I demand Hot Food. She took back the food and within 8 minutes of telling the carhop I wanted hot food she returned without my drinks, so I had to wait even longer for the drinks to come so I could finally leave, and after all that I didn't get my reciept, I didnt even try for it, I didn't feel like it was worth it after all of that. I was just glad the redo was so quick compaired to my first wait, but that was short lived, I got home to find that they have just re-warmed up the cold food for me. Our fries and onion rings had gelled grease inside them. the bun of the burgers were soggy in the middle and hard on the edges. and our popcorn chicken was so rubbery it was probably more suitable for a dog's chew toy than a meal. I wanted to gag after that. Needless to said we threw it all out after that one. And we will NEVER go to that sonic again , and not to any sonic for a while.

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