Orkin- quite an ordeal to cancel

Posted on Wednesday, January 4th, 2006 at 8:19am CST by 06a028dd

Company: Orkin- quite an ordeal to cancel

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We found that it was quite difficult to cancel our service with Orkin.

We first called to cancel and had to speak at length with a manager who

convinced us to stay on as a quarterly customer and mentioned that to

cancel we needed to write to them one month in advance of when we wanted

to discontinue service. As we were quite sure that we wanted to quit, we

wrote the letter and sent it in mid-October and in January we recieved a

phone message that the Orkin man was coming. We called and were referred

to a manager again who again tried to dissuade us from cancelling. We

let him know that we had written a letter and at that point he found it

and allowed us to cancel.

Too much to go through!

Darryl (Virginia)


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