Craftmatic Beds-WORST Customer Service EVER!!!!!!

Posted on Wednesday, January 4th, 2006 at 3:42pm CST by 3b980d21

Company: Craftmatic Beds-WORST Customer Service EVER!!!!!!

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Well we had a real eye-opening experience with Craftmatic Beds & it's customer service (if that's what you call it) department. I called because there was a noise when I put the foot of the bed up & down. I specifically asked the person on the phone if they ever need oiling & got the response "oh no...they never need oiling". So I told them to come out because I thought maybe the motor was going out or something. I was quoted $116.00.

When the guys came out, they came in the bedroom & without them touching anything I proceeded to demonstrate exactly what was happening by taking the controller & pressing the foot arrow up & down. It made that same noise. The guys said "all it needs is WD40". I looked at him & said that I had specifically asked the customer service rep if that could be the problem. I also told him not to touch the bed & that I would have my husband take care of it. The guy proceeded to call the customer service department & told them what had happened. He then put me on the phone to leave a message for the head of customer service...a Ms. Peltzer. I left the message of what had transpired & that I had sent the guys away without them touching the bed at all.

When she called back she proceeded to tell me in so many words that I had to pay $116.00 anyway because the servicemen came to my didn't matter if they touched the bed or not. She also would hardly even let me say a word...she kept talking over me telling me over & over again that I would be made to pay or they would never come out & service my bed until I did. She eventually reduced the amount to $53.00 (because there could have been some minor misinterpretations of the facts) for "the service technicians having to drive to my home & take time out of their schedule". I said I would be willing to pay their fuel charge, but I was not paying for their time since I was lied to by the customer service rep. She kept over talking me. I was so upset I finally handed the phone to my husband. She did the same thing with him.

Come to find out there is no one over her in the customer service department & she doesn't answer to anyone except the Board of Directors. I could not believe the way she treated me & my husband & the things that she said to me. I wrote the Board of Directors, but they referred the letter back to her to answer. She answered it alright....with a bunch of misspellings & basically calling me a liar regarding what I originally reported to the customer service rep. She said that the customer service rep stands by her interpretation of the content of my conversation with her.

I cannot believe this company & the way they basically "rip" people off & call their customers liars.

Jane J


905522e5, 2013-05-30, 10:02AM CDT

we need to replase one control model r1-t3. where in puerto rico we do this or U.S ?

241cc680, 2015-07-17, 03:18PM CDT

Oh, I could put Tempurpedic right up there with them. I'm going on 7 weeks with my bed unable to go down. I've spent 3+ hours this week trying to get service. They got to the point of hanging up on me. This is under warranty. No one, not even the supervisor I talked with, knew the proper procedure for getting me service.

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