USPS - Repeated Inexcusable Misconduct by USPS : Refusals to Deliver Mail and Repeated Lies and Other Abuses

Posted on Tuesday, January 31st, 2006 at 11:44am CST by 06950a4e

Product: United States Post Office mail delivery

Company: USPS

Location: 1735 North Lynn Street
ARLINGTON, VA, 22209-2020, US

Category: Government, Police

Dear Inspector General:

At 1143 hrs., on the above date and location, I received a call from the USPS (1-718-602-2309). I explained the problem described below. USPS responded by suspecting the reliability of the front door bell and by telling me that USPS will seek to resolve the problem.

At approximately 1230 hrs., Monday 30 January 2006, I did receive a PS Form 3849 for a parcel (article number: 4201 1221 9121 1067 2808 3121 0386 15), indicating the following:

"Today's Date" as "1/30", "Available for Pick-Up After" as "Date: 1/31/06, Time: 1000", and "Rang Bell @ 11:58".

However, I had been in my apartment constantly. The bell does work, and I would have heard it. Moreover, receiving this parcel (medication from the VAMC) in a timely manner is a gravely important matter. The carrier did refuse to walk up the flight of stairs that is the stoop and actually ring my door bell.The carrier lied, when he or she indicated that my bell had been rung. Moreover, for such conduct, there appears to be an outrageous neglect to even investigate.

I am forced, for the third time, to wait two or more days in order to travel across town and wait on the certain long line. In addition, I can not even afford the $4.00 trips. This problem, as well as many other important service problems, is plainly an urgent matter and should be investigated in good faith and corrected.See, also, the 30 January 2006 confirmation number CO 2552 .

During a period of approximately three previous months, some familiar problems have returned to the Bushwick Station Post Office (1369 Broadway, Brooklyn, New York 11221-9997,[718] 602-3111). Accordingly, USPS has repeatedly and inexcusably refused to deliver parcels to my residence. USPS did also lie by indicating and telling me that they did ring my door bell on several previous days.

Indeed, I am a 61-year-old disabled veteran and an indigent citizen who does promptly answer all rings by going down three flights of steps to the building entrance.Moreover, during previous months, many persons have mistakenly rang my door bell. Nevertheless, the USPS has continuously refused to walk up the flight of stairs that is the stoop and to ring my bell during this time.

During this week, I was forced to travel across town to the Bushwich Station twice.

The carrier had refused to deliver my medications from the VA, and then repeatedly lied about it. In addition, the USPS records indicate that such parcels were delivered to my residence. Such public records are false and misleading , and they do not describe what actually transpired.

Indeed, on Friday 27 January 2006, at the Bushwick Station Post Office, I completed approximately 20 or more minutes of waiting that followed 15 minutes of travel. This ordeal was the second time in seven days. I, then, stood before an employee who had no name tag that I could see. She was a nameless and very old female employee. I presented to her the PS Form 3849 in order to receive my VA medication. I did inform her that the station manager had allowed me to pick it up at that post office, on that day. She told me to never call that post office again, because the only proper way to ask that the parcel be held for pickup is to use the telephone number that is plainly on the form that I presented to her (PS Form 3849). "I' m sorry," she said. "Go back and do this again, like it is supposed to be done," she demanded. Then, she returned the aforesaid form to me.

However, the many customers who are usually loadly complaining about the service became silent. They had heard her outrageous and false statements made to me, and were angrily watching the aforesaid employee.

She, then, asked for the aforesaid form. She departed, and ten or more minutes later she returned with the parcel (article number: 4201 1221 1067 2805 3120 6836 25). The previous parcel that I had been ordered by the Station Manager to be picked up at the Bushwick Station had the article number: 4201 1221 9121 1067 2805 3120 2233 26.

In prior months, my mail had often been discovered by me outside of and on top of the building's mail box.

In addition, the USPS website indicates that those who wish to complain (throughout America) can simply do so. However, after hours of efforts, it is very clear that only a means to ask questions is actually available to complainers (on the USPS website []). There is no available data for feedback. Complainers, also, appear to be targets of retaliations. One is, therefore, forced to conclude that USPS openly intends to be self-serving.

Thank You.

Sincerely Yours,



26298627, 2013-02-25, 02:52PM CST

You aren't kidding, they lack service and respect. Judging by the way our mail is delivered when the younger generation does work, he stinks. I get my neighbors mail and I don't know who's getting my mail when this kids runs his mail truck fast through the neighborhood. I wish the USPS goes under and some public company who understand customer service or the old time thinking when the post office did run under and

There are flaws in their system and they are looking to screw them selves when they can't understand their flaws.

8e9b482e, 2013-03-30, 04:44PM CDT

I have lived in Park Slope, Sunset Park, and Bed Stuy in past 3 years and I honestly have never seen anything like the Bushwick station. Theres always going to be problems here and there but overall I generally have had good experiences with USPS my whole life. No competitors will ship media mail like textbooks for $5 (UPS/Fedex usually between $10-$20. They also have always been better to me than Fedex who is even more erratic in delivering packages. This Bedstuy location though tries to pull fast ones on you and leave back-dated notices that were never there the day before, That is if you even get a notice, which I regularly dont. One time I went with 1 notice and after leaving the post office and then coming back in twice I finally managed to get 3 packages out of them, 1 of which was a day from being returned to sender and I had no idea. What was really incredible though was that all 3 packages did not need a signature and all could have easily fit in my mailbox, together, and it wouldnt have filled up quarter of the box.

I have called this place numerous times and usually you can't get past a busy signal, but when you do they will ask you your problem and not your name and stick you on hold for easily 30 minutes before they even ask you your name. I was put on hold for a total of two hours to find out if my package was there because I didnt get a slip. I was effectively told that I would have to come in and wait more after 2 hours on the phone.

The only sure fire way you can get through to this place without waiting on the hour plus line is by viciously complaining to customer service online. From the sound of the manager's voice, this does get him in trouble some how, the extent of this trouble I do not know. The Manager will call you and tell you to not wait online and to just knock on window and skip the line which does a couple of things:

1. You are not the only one whose been told this so you will have to wait for the other "VIP" list members

2. Your crushing the people waiting online for hour(s) who didnt viciously complain and dont know why theyre not being streamlined.

Now this place must be grossly underfunded because the line is always 10+ and regularly 30+ and theres 3 workers including the manager that is busy with the VIPs and steady stream of angry customers. That leaves 2 people who either have zero desire to go on any longer and have died inside or are too overworked or are a little incompetent (possibly a combination of these things?). I regularly see one of these remaining two scurry off between customers like theyre just escaping for a little while. All of this can get kind of infuriating especially when you're there and the slip never came or was back-dated. I try to keep from breaking down into tears by photographing the line that has and continues to accumulate, while also getting the only 2 people working in the frame. Its quite unbelievable, makes the DMV look like child's play.

I would like to quote all of the things that I personally identify with in this post but its much easier to name the things that I have not suffered. 7 years have gone by and I can honestly say that I have never found my package on top of the box outside but almost everything else has happened to me multiple times, and I am sure bedstuy residents would be blown away if I posted it all over outside the post office. They would say without a doubt, they personally experienced almost all of this negligence at least once.

So moral of story is if its important enough, your only real way of getting any real form of customer service is by viciously attacking them, which also has its downside. This post nailed it:

"In addition, the USPS website indicates that those who wish to complain (throughout America) can simply do so. However, after hours of efforts, it is very clear that only a means to ask questions is actually available to complainers (on the USPS website []). There is no available data for feedback. Complainers, also, appear to be targets of retaliations."

Good luck everyone, you will definitely need it...I still support USPS and their affordability, especially since their total losses only amount to 6 billion which is pocket change compared to the 3 trillion we spent rebuilding Iraq. Chase Bank loses that in one bad bet. That being said, their has to be some sort of accountability or even just the ability to hire a few more workers. Thats a tough thing to ask for these days though with so much trash talk about wasting money and "lets go private". Trust me once the government-subsudized postal service is completely dismantled, UPS and Fedex and others will have no reason to keep their prices the same when the low-baller is gone.

Just my two cents.

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