McAfee Virusscan Via AOL

Posted on Tuesday, January 31st, 2006 at 9:14pm CST by a1108fa2

Company: McAfee Virusscan Via AOL

Category: Other

This complaint is also regarding the McAfee Virusscan Via AOL. I just finished reading the complaint that another user was having with the McAfee Virusscan Via AOL. Well, I am having the exact problem, and also the same problem with AOL, AND McAfee. I do not understand either service acting like this towards their consumers. I would think one of them would try to help in some way, since it is both of their services. And, the fact that they tout we are the best, and have the best support available. YAH RIGHT ! I am truly disappointed in both these services, and am considering dropping both of them.

Thank you, for listening !


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