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Posted on Tuesday, January 31st, 2006 at 5:06pm CST by a8755552

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Do not use Direct TV. They took $1,077.50 out of my checking account without ever calling me for a bad HD/DVR box that I returned.. Direct TV sent a Fed Ex label and fortunately I wrote the tracking number down before sending. DirectTv told me they never received the package and would not return my money. I sent them the tracking info and three weeks later they said they just received it which was a lie. I called twice a week for three months and it took an average of 45 minutes to get through. I was promised a refund each time I could get through to a supervisor but never received one. I finally called my bank get my money back. A month later DirectTV gave me a refund, two days later Visa reversed the charge with DirectTV. I canceled the dispute with Visa and they said that they would give the money back to DirectTV within 48 hours. DirectTV sent this over to their collections dept which is the rudest, most obnoxious and stupid bunch of people I have ever dealt with. They immediately shut off my service and told me I had to send them a cashiers check for the $1,077.50 to get it back on. They did not care about the fact they held my money three months and Visa was returning the money to them. They will try to steal, cheat and lie to you if they owe you money but send you immediately to collections and shut off service if you owe them.

I am looking for similar cases with DirectTv and anyone who wants to start a class action suit.


ef253d65, 2008-04-07, 09:42PM CDT

I have had issues with Direct TV's billing. I was billed for an account that didn't exist. I moved, and my account was supposed to be transferred. Instead of transferring it, the service department added another account. I tried to resolve this, as I was actually paying both accounts, and had been doing so for a couple of months. They actually owed me money.

The last straw was when the company turned my account over to collections. I cancelled the account and enlisted a local provider. Direct TV hit me with cancellation fees. I was told that these fees would be waived if I reinstated my service. I told them that I felt that I was being blackmailed.

After 4 months of errors in billings, a credit that I never received, having my services interrupted for "non-payment", and hours of trying to resolve the problem, only to have someone else screw it up again, I am very irritated. I have an interest in pursuing action against Direct TV.

ab7fe1ee, 2009-01-08, 05:35PM CST

Direct TV is the worst TV service i have ever used. You can never reason with a customer service person for the service you supposed to get but didn't get. When it was snowing slight outside, i couldn't get signal on my TV. the customer service person told me that "you should have known this before you sign the contract"...after 45 minutes on the phone trying to resolving my issue of not getting any signal, their "solutions" were:

1) buy a dish cover from them for $25 to keep the dish away from rain or snow

2) pay $70 for arranging someone to come take a look at what the problem was

3) pay X amount of money to get a heat fan to blow hot air towards the dish to keep it to the right temperature

4) they will refund $10 to my account (which i currently paying $76 for the service)

one suggestion from me: DO NOT USE DIRECT TV

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