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Posted on Tuesday, January 3rd, 2006 at 10:33am CST by 5922bf87

Company: Dremu

Category: Health, Beauty

I ordered Deception SkinCare product on Dec 27, 2005. I received the product within a few days and found it was nothing more than a bunch of hype.

Thus, on Jan 3rd, 2006, I called and requested a Return authorization number per their packing slip instructions.

I was FORCED to listen to Mr. George Pollack's verbal abuse, screaming four letter words like fxxx, informing me I was stupid, and threatening not to return my money if I did not get the return address correct. Mr. Pollack knew that I was being FORCED to listen to this abuse so I could acquire a return address and RA number so as to get a refund on the product. Mr. Pollack pointed this out to me himself several times.

It sounded like Mr. Pollack was slurring his words a bit or perhaps the connection was bad. Just know "Suite" sounded like "C", "T" sounded like "C". However, I am sure that part of the problem was Mr. Pollack's screaming. "Voices" appear to vibrate over a phone when people speak to loudly. Screaming intensifies this problem.

What was really puzzling to me was that I repeated the Suite numbers to him several times and assumed they were correct since he never indicated otherwise. Suddenly, when I repeated Suite 12 to him the fourth or fifth time, he screamed at the top of his lungs to me "fuxxxxx stupid bitxx. If you want to get your money back you better get the address down. Never knew somebody could be so fuxxxx stupid." Apparently he told me 312 not 12. Why he did not hear "12" when I repeated the Suite number to him the first 3-4 times is beyond my scope of knowledge. The above example is basically how Mr. Pollack spoke to me throughout. Mr. Pollock really likes to scream, and has a very basic terminology which primarily only includes the words "fxxx" and "stupid." Team members in other cubicles can verify that Mr. Pollack has a limited vocabulary and screams very loudly because even though they sit in other cubicles, they could still hear him.

In an effort to diffuse the situation, I said very little to the man. But this did not stop his verbal abuse, the four letter words, severe name calling, screaming, and his threats that it was my "problem if I wanted to get my fucxxxx money back I better straighten up and quit being so fuckxxx stupid." After all, if I got the address wrong he did not have to return my money.

I would appreciate you posting this information to your site:

1.) the product, Dremu SkinCare product "Deception" is nothing more than hype

2.) when you discover this, expect severe verbal abuse and intimidation from Mr. Pollack, who apparently is the owner

Since Mr. Pollack is such a nasty man with a limited vocabulary, they could assign a Return Authorization number immediately when shipping out the product(s) along with the address the product should be returned to. This information could be listed directly on the packing slip when they first ship the product out. Since this conversation with Mr. Pollack, several of my team members told me that they have dealth with companies that follow this practive. By Dremu Skincare following this practice, customers will be able to avoid any contact with the nasty Mr. Pollack.

Shocked in Michigan


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