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Posted on Tuesday, January 3rd, 2006 at 7:25pm CST by dc163c8b

Company: Acer Appliance repair inc.

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Appliance repair Jenkins town Pa ----- Name is Acer Appliance Inc. 1866-319-2237

In August our washer machine broke down. We called a local company that was in the yellow pages to service it. Normally I would call the manufacturer but I felt I could trust a local company.They showed up and charged me about $300 for a new pump. The machine broke down within 20 minutes after the tech left. We had to wait 2 more days. They did fix it. A few months later it started making noise like the pump was going to break. We called them and they said nothing is wrong and it was $45 for the service call.

I was out of town and my wife called me. She said the tech never even checked the pump and stood in front of the machine and just listened. I got on the phone and said that the pump is noisy and he should warranty it. he said its a normal noise. The machine should be quiet and I explained that's how we also had it operating. This is a top of the line unit and he was wrong. I said this is not proper to charge for no service and my machine was going to break down. He demanded payment and I said fine but I would put a stop payment on it. he said a manager would call in the morning.

Two weeks later it broke down. i called them to tell them i would take them to court and how unhappy I was. they apologized and said they would correct the problem. they made an appointment to service it. the next night they called me and said i was wrong to stop payment and they wanted the bank fees. i said i will get it handled by Whirlpool and would take them to small claims court. Consumer beware!!


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