Forever 21 Complaint

Posted on Saturday, January 28th, 2006 at 6:35pm CST by 18e75865

Company: Forever 21 Complaint

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Complaint Description: After placeing a online order with Forever 21 for $44.25 on Friday Jan 20, 2006 the money was taken out of my account ten times. A total of $442.50 was taken from my account. After talking to the bank I contacted the company which told me they would contact my bank and fix the problem. They never did. I called the bank back to see if they had called and they had not. My bank fixed the problem for me over the phone. Forever 21 did nothing to help corect this. I recived my merchandise a week later on Thurs. Jan 26. It was the wrong order. I called them to let them know and no one would help me. They told me someone would call me back and they never did. The next day (Friday) I called again to tell them I had recived the wrong order and that I needed my Clothes the next day because I would be going out of town. I spoke with a woman named Sylvia. She told me they would not send out my order until I sent there order back. I told her that I was on my way to work and wouldnt be able to do that until Sat. (the next day). She said my order wouldnt be sent until I gave her a tracking number for the package I sent back. I told her that wasnt fair it wasnt my fault they sent the wrong order and that I needed my clothes the next day. I called my mom to go to my apart to get the package and take to UPS . She left work and paid to ship the package back. I immedently called Sylvia back to give her the tracking #. She promised me that I would recive my order the next morning. It didnt come. I never got my clothes before I left town which is why I bought them

~Anna M


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f53ac352, 2010-10-02, 10:34PM CDT

I can see why you would be upset about them overcharging and not getting any help from them in resolving the situation. I would be livid, too.

But really, if you needed your clothes within a matter of days, why didn't you just go to one of their stores or another store? Most shipping companies that I know don't deliver on Saturdays unless you pay that specific service. USPS excluded. Not to mention the fact that even if F21 had sent the right order in the first place, something could have happened on USPS/FedEx/UPS end that could result in a lost package. If the clothes were really that important, you should have gone to the store. Kind of a dumb move on your part.

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