Posted on Friday, January 27th, 2006 at 2:03am CST by 26e634b5

Company: Starbucks

Category: Other

Starbucks Coffee Company, Store Number 00611, 4th &Mission San Francisco.

On or about 11:36 am, 26 Janauary 2006, I went into the store to buy some items and a gift for a co-worker. I noticed two items on sale; a coffee/chocolate pack for $13.99 and a cookies/coffee pack ro $9.99. When I took these items to the cashier I was told "SORRY WE CAN'T SELL THESE TO YOU". The clerk went to a back office and asked the manager and came back and said, "Yeah I can't sell these items". I told her she better take down the display than. If I would have had more time I would have the discussed the matter with the manager. First of all this was a matter of Switch and bait. Since I was unable to buy these items I had to buy something else. Also, I believe there is a law which states if item are expired they have to be given to the customer and if they are mislabled they are required to give you the first one free and they others and the advertised price. The items were marked down for a reason. They were evidently Christmas items, I don't believe coffee, chocolate and cookies went bad in a couple of weeks. It was kind of embarrassing going up to the counter and being told I couldn't buy the items.


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