pay pal buyer credit,in as ge money bank

Posted on Tuesday, January 24th, 2006 at 7:23am CST by 9de408d9

Company: pay pal buyer credit,in as ge money bank

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-GE money bank, there seems to be total confusion of this company,there web site don't work,they issue a credit line then don't put on web is always having tech line issue is 1200,00 use 400.00 of credit,make two payments,owe 150.00,no credit avaiable,try to get on web site inpossable.will pay off an never use pay pay buyer credit again.much better to use cc that i can depend on to pal needs to find a company that has a better sourse of policy,this out fit stinks.


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8d808e3a, 2008-11-08, 02:08PM CST

You should hear what they did to me. I have a Paypal Buyer Credit supposedly run by GE Money. I have always paid on time and way over the limit. So much so that I had a credit on my account. Now you would think that they would want people like that -- but guess what!!! They lowered my credit limit by over half!!! I called and they said well you will get a letter explaining -- I'm like what the heck!!!

I asked if I was late, he said no. I asked if I didn't pay the recommended amount, he said no. Then what's the reason. The only thing he could say was that a letter was coming to me explaining.

I have cancelled my Ebay account and PayPal and told them both why I did that. Maybe if we all put pressure on these idiots -- they will get the message. WITHOUT US YOU DON'T EXIST!!!

a89a474b, 2009-09-24, 06:28AM CDT

I had a similar situation where they cut my credit limit by half as well. This compaby is in the business of fleecing their customers, make no mistake. They won't post your payment the day you make it unless you pay a premium for that! They want your payment to be late so they can charge fees. I closed my account and had a credit balance. They made no effort to make a refund. You have to call them or you'll never see your money back! Their complicated phonebot system and non-standard payment rules are there to confound the customer and to drain your wallet. Stay away from these shucksters!

27a58c61, 2010-08-03, 09:43AM CDT



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